Juventus 1-1 Napoli | The spoils are shared at the Allianz Stadium | Serie A 2021/22

Napoli take the lead thanks to usual suspect Dries Mertens’ fifth goal of the season but wonderboy Federico Chiesa levels the scoring and secures a point for the hosts | Serie A 2021/22

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32 respuestas a Juventus 1-1 Napoli | The spoils are shared at the Allianz Stadium | Serie A 2021/22

  1. football fan dijo:

    Last 6 months for Lorenzo

  2. Makeil Nurse dijo:

    The commentator at 0:42 LOOOOL

  3. MD Sifat Sikdar dijo:

    Well-played Juve??

  4. Jocelyn dijo:

    Cardinal Viello will be happy

  5. CR7 KM7 dijo:

    Weston mckennie looks like the weekend

  6. Antoni Cahyadi dijo:

    At least napoli still catch point because they still have the chance for title challenge…

  7. Muhammad Rasyid Abdul Aziz dijo:

    I want see chiesa play in ACMILAN team..

  8. Austin Zammit dijo:

    Juventus senza Ronaldo no goals

  9. Bugo Buga dijo:

    Che brutto risultato colpa dei novax

  10. unknown copyist dijo:


  11. 197South dijo:

    Gets the shot away??? love how he said it

  12. Kol dijo:

    Keep McKennie and Locatelli and sell all other midfielders because they have 0 creativity and are useless and depressing to watch!!

  13. Casmir Ekene dijo:

    Fredericko Chiesa ?

  14. Ami's Delicious dijo:

    Juventus, Man United & Barcelona..

    Not giant anymore

  15. Nico dijo:

    what a team Napoli.. and think guys they played without Koulibaly, Fabian Ruiz, Anguissa, Osimhen, Mario Rui, Lozano …

  16. Francis Roberts dijo:

    Martens is a underrated player

  17. Acoustic Channel dijo:

    I'm coming juve ??

  18. Dimitris Nikolaou dijo:

    Per una volta ancora lo scudetto va al Nord

  19. nathan koska dijo:


  20. Austin Zammit dijo:

    Juventus serie b soldi sporci

  21. Austin Zammit dijo:

    Bayern Munich man city Liverpool inter Milan psg kings of football

  22. Enzo Antonio dijo:

    Actually Napoli has played much better football last night then juve.
    This highlights are must be juventus fan.

  23. Kasuba Kapambwe dijo:

    0:40 ???

  24. Alex Vite dijo:

    0:40 Gets the shot awaaaay (singing in Disney voice)

  25. Austin Zammit dijo:

    Salah mane jota king's ?

  26. YO yo dijo:

    Juventus missed many chances

  27. John Alexanderson dijo:

    I didn't know that Napoli's colours are black and white, and needed to play with red jersey, I thought it was Blue

  28. Steppenwolf dijo:

    Fact is… Bernardeschi tried the play.

  29. Sprintmount powell dijo:

    2 former arsenal goalkeeper facing off ?

  30. Aymaan .T dijo:

    0:39 Guy Sensei from Naruto

  31. shihab shah dijo:

    In which aspect is Serie A better than the English league?

    Ans: Highlights quality

  32. Bang Tguh1897 dijo:

    Maaf Napoli.. belum saatnya anda juara.
    Tunggu 10 tahun lagi

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