Bologna 0-2 Juventus | Morata nets opener in Juventus away win| Serie A 2021/22

The Bianconeri win the tactical battle of the Dall’Ara and come away from Bologna with all three points in the bag | Serie A 2021/22

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26 respuestas a Bologna 0-2 Juventus | Morata nets opener in Juventus away win| Serie A 2021/22

  1. Sharpie dijo:

    cuadrado ?

  2. Mamahnya Giyas dijo:


  3. DEE DUBZ dijo:


  4. Muasis Alfaroq dijo:

    delok pego

  5. Geroa 07 Siregar dijo:

    juventus just buy elmas napoli

  6. Rachmad Mad dijo:

    Goooo juveee

  7. TheKnight dijo:

    How could they see the match!

  8. D dijo:

    Morata upset with cuadrado goal ?

  9. MetalForTheMasses dijo:

    Morata: “You’re merely adapting to the darkness… I was born in it. Never been able to see a football goal in my life.”

  10. Albeiro Chaves dijo:

    cuadrado genial

  11. Lily Bingham dijo:

    It was so foggy can only imagine how cold

  12. Abdullah Amir dijo:

    That goal from morata wow

  13. junedi hasibuan dijo:

    too much smoke?

  14. gia dijo:

    i see white

  15. ali fahmi dijo:

    forza juventus?

  16. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    Juve still won't win

  17. david m dijo:

    The thumbnail is broken ???

  18. Sujith Gopinathan dijo:

    Forza juve let's keep on going lots of love from india ??


    Serie a commentary continue

  20. MILITO 537 dijo:

    The Cuadrado-Morata duo!!!! Deadly since against Bayern 2016?

  21. fransisco bessi dijo:


  22. Боян Божиков dijo:

    Cuadrado is the Most underrated qlayer. What a guy??????????????????????????????????????????

  23. lucas rodrigues dijo:


  24. Reyler Gutiérrez dijo:

    CUADRADO es mucha jerarquía y MORATA cuando quiere es un delantero de lujo

  25. Nishanth Pillai dijo:

    Szeshny is such an underrated goalkeeper..?

  26. bupur chacaca dijo:


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