Udinese 2-2 Juventus | Udinese pull off comeback to surprise Juve! | Serie A 2021/22

Juventus begin the new season with a point against Udinese | Serie A 2021/22

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38 respuestas a Udinese 2-2 Juventus | Udinese pull off comeback to surprise Juve! | Serie A 2021/22

  1. sandi nista dijo:

    After that cr7 get mad and decided move to united ?

  2. tomek dijo:

    szczęsny rozpoczął swój sezon z przytupem 🙂

  3. Arsalaan Nawaz dijo:

    At least as a united fan i can enjoy last minute ronaldo winners without them being offside ?

  4. Siyasi Tarih dijo:

    Cristiano's last match for Juventus :'/

  5. Agung Sulaksono Saputra dijo:

    Forza juve?

  6. Fantastic Game dijo:

    BEST FOOTBALL GAME ??⚽??- https://youtu.be/J_7lMAqUa3k

  7. Alparslan Korkmaz dijo:


  8. ????? dijo:

    sad that the cr7 goal doesn't count

  9. Reef Mohammad dijo:

    No problem ???

  10. VantaBay dijo:

    This match was so bizarre. Looking back it now almost a month later and I still feel the same about it

  11. Eitan Lupu dijo:

    "After all, why not?

    Why shouldn't I try a pointless dribble with zero benefit for the very team I play for?"
    -W. Szczesny

  12. Abdullah Awan dijo:

    Was ronaldo really offside??

  13. Dark Knight029 dijo:

    "No Ronaldo no problems" (bottom league)… meanwhile in Manchester United (on top)

  14. No One dijo:

    Its not offside!

  15. Muhammad Hanif dijo:

    The commentator said "no Ronaldo no problem"

    U make me laugh ?

  16. Кирилл Абакумов dijo:

    "No Ronaldo
    No Problem"
    1 POINT?

  17. H2J dijo:

    00:53 now it is a big problem

  18. Gentle CHIME dijo:

    After Cuadrado's goal, commentator "No Ronaldo, the problem". I came here after Juve's third match vs Napoli. Juve has 1 point after 3 games…

  19. 13. Trần Lê Huy dijo:

    Who came back here after CR7 scored 2 goals for MU last night ? ?
    Poor Juve

  20. Chris dijo:

    disallowing Ronaldo’s goal because his shoulder had an unfair advantage at one point during the flight of the ball was the italians way of saying “get out of italy, Ron”.

  21. Marbim Papang dijo:

    With ronaldo left have no interest of juventus any more

  22. Uğur Bayramov dijo:

    Best football game ???⚽- https://youtu.be/y9FAFFWDHwg

  23. El Disa dijo:

    Am I the only one who still confuse sometimes that the black and white is Udinese?

  24. Xuân Trường dijo:

    Sau khi mặc cái áo nhân viên bơm xăng này và bàn thắng không được công nhận thì cr7 đến Mu luôn ?

  25. Doy Jimenez dijo:

    Kiper lol

  26. Doy Jimenez dijo:

    Kiper apaan kayak gitu masih di pake aja dari dulu .gak pantes di juve

  27. mikoy huio dijo:


  28. aswer huio dijo:

    1:46 Morata never fails us, I really thought for a second he will score this

  29. Swapna Jayachandran dijo:

    No prob he proved it in Portugal

  30. wah yudi dijo:

    mau mulai lagi liga italia redup kedepan nya

  31. Cassie dijo:

    Arsenal's finest what a performance 2 goal contributions??

  32. YoshimanMarioKart dijo:

    Nobody knew this would be his last game, including CR7 himself

  33. opzz xsin dijo:

    juve was never a home for ronaldo, he never really enjoyed there

  34. HK dijo:

    Who’s here after he did it vs Ireland and took off his shirt again and the goal vs given

  35. Game Klasik dan Terkini dijo:


    Ronaldo broke the record!!

  36. bowen voowy dijo:

    What a celebrated goal that would have been.. Hats off to Ronaldo's legendary skills during injury time..?

  37. Hanma Baki dijo:

    What a VAR??

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