Juventus 0-1 Atalanta | A historic win for Atalanta | Serie A 2021/22

La Dea comes away from Turin with all three points for the first time since 1989 thanks to Duvan Zapata’s thunderous strike | Serie A 2021/22

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27 respuestas a Juventus 0-1 Atalanta | A historic win for Atalanta | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Eavy Eavy dijo:

    "without ronaldo juventus is top of league"

  2. Jairo Arturo Cifuentes dijo:


  3. Advan Ku dijo:

    Who blame Ronaldo now ?

  4. Helen Li dijo:

    CR7 haters should know he would have got at least 1 point for Juve if he were on the pitch.

  5. * Phạm Quang Minh - CĐKS25N04 - 12 dijo:

    " Who needs Ronaldo ……. to lose"

  6. Samy Pons dijo:

    Zapata what a player

  7. Daniele Rayme dijo:


  8. youngbud dijo:

    That last min freekick?‍♂️

  9. CaKh Ng dijo:

    Marten de Roast

  10. PodcArne dijo:

    To all of you saying that its the fault of colombias coach that Duvan Zapata is so bad at Colombia because we don’t make enough chances, fair enough. But he should score AT LEAST ONCE. If you combine every match he’s played since that Venezuela win during October 2020 hes wasted a solid 30 chances on the final third, and at least one shouldve gone in. Its a mentality issue and his shooting is very hit and miss.

  11. Zero Four 0.4 Bất Tử dijo:

    No see time of the match

  12. Hiva dijo:

    Juventus v Millan require revolution basic

  13. Hiva dijo:

    Juventus v Millan????

  14. Multiyapples dijo:

    Congratulations Atalanta. Juventus has to play better.

  15. k j dijo:

    Sorry but juve is a PLASTIC CLUB

  16. Abdullah Mubarak dijo:

    wHo nEeD rOnaLdO? ??

  17. Rambo j dijo:

    allegri need to go

  18. Dian Saputra dijo:

    Selama scezhny masih dibawah mistar juve akan terus tenggelam

  19. Евгений Белый dijo:

    Где наш Скамейчук, играл он или нет

  20. Mano Z Slb dijo:

    No CR No Party !!!

  21. Arief Rachman dijo:


  22. Иван Шихалеев dijo:

    0:46 linesman had lost the line and began Sman

  23. sopa kim dijo:

    유벤도 공격에서 헤딩공격 방식과도전이 부족하네.

  24. Daniel Sumi dijo:

    Are Atalanta playing like this every game? If they are they could win the title

  25. lisye pangaribuan dijo:


  26. Hi- Jack dijo:

    bonucci,chiellini boths u need ronaldo?

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