Juventus U-9 vs Chelsea U-9 Match Highlights | Football World


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31 respuestas a Juventus U-9 vs Chelsea U-9 Match Highlights | Football World

  1. David Ngao dijo:

    wow CHELSEA my great team. love you kids train harder

  2. Ahmed Faiyaz azad dijo:

    Cristiano Jr the next goat

  3. Bosco General dijo:

    les go juventus

  4. ShaNE dijo:

    no cr jr bruh

  5. Kucher Mbah dijo:

    Chelsea has a good squad, the guys are so good, keep on kids,

  6. emmanuelson Jeudy dijo:

    Age ThiaGO messi

  7. Ecaterina Marian dijo:


  8. Stephanie_ Gymnast10 dijo:

    The guy was not out of the line before he threw the ball

  9. Gaslow Ringfa dijo:

    Wow great kids love you all from Nigeria.

  10. Crafty XD dijo:

    Who came here to watch Ronaldo’s son

  11. Rayann Raimone dijo:


  12. Nathanael Farand Lushanda dijo:

    Chelsea is the best

  13. Chris 123 brown dijo:

    Can you please send me the details of Ronaldo

  14. Devont'e Sinclair dijo:

    Chelsea one of the best kids team

  15. Danny Seaton dijo:

    U9……… They look at least 11 years old.

  16. Ferian Ronaldo Du Plessis dijo:

    Where is ronaldo

  17. DGFIRESSHOWS dijo:

    Where is cr7 son?

  18. petits prodige du football DZ dijo:

    C PAS LES U9 C LES U12

  19. panji mirayanti dijo:

    woi jangan ngelak

  20. Tournament Kings dijo:

    great video….. join us a Stamford Bridge uk Chelsea fc stadium

  21. Baybass Seck dijo:

    Cr7 j❤

  22. Pewarta Kalsel dijo:

    There's no Ronaldo Jr. F*CK the picture.

  23. Vo Huyen dijo:

    Team Chelsea good

  24. AlexGamszz dijo:

    if this boys are u9 Trump is Mexico's president

  25. ds sanders dijo:

    These kids came out of their mom's bellies ready to play futbol 🙂

  26. Maia Antonia Fricosu dijo:

    3-0 huh??

  27. SkULL dijo:

    Where is Ronaldo son

  28. Gracie Applin dijo:

    Why do the comentaiters speak sooooo much

  29. JISHA Jayachandran dijo:


  30. OVIYA SEKAR dijo:


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