Lazio 0-2 Juventus | A Bonucci brace wins it for Juve | Serie A 2021/22

The Bianconeri captain nets a double to secure a crucial win in Juve’s quest for a top-four spot | Serie A 2021/22

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50 respuestas a Lazio 0-2 Juventus | A Bonucci brace wins it for Juve | Serie A 2021/22

  1. OMANA P NAIR dijo:


  2. Ujang Armando dijo:

    Lagi wasit sering menentukan hasil nyonya tua..
    Sepekan setelahnya, 0-1 dari Atalanta..
    Forza wasit..

  3. Giuseppe Caiamauro dijo:

    È sempre la solita storia.. Rigori regalati e arbitri comprati. Ma vaff !!!

  4. J&A Family dijo:

    di eropa jadi badut,,, gada wasit yg bantu wkwkwkwk

  5. Laki Lucky?? dijo:

    Chelsea is the best !!!?

  6. Gaetano Germani dijo:

    Whit a little help from…(the referee, as tradition)

  7. rainbow dijo:

    Juventus should have played for Italy and Bonnucci should have taken the penalty for Italy. ? ?

  8. Sanji Fishy dijo:

    No penalty no party

  9. Anas Tahshin dijo:

    Ronaldo missing juve.they got two pens

  10. managements projects dijo:

    Juve stole Roma… And now Lazio. Old stories…

  11. Toàn Nguyễn dijo:

    Love from Việt Nam, Juve, Chiesa!!!

  12. Tu Ho dijo:

    why Immobile has incredible scene before that game ??

  13. eduardo llanos condori dijo:


  14. td dijo:

    2 penalties bro…

  15. Michele dijo:

    Reina.. tutta esperienza.. ?

  16. LabGorilla dijo:

    Ok so the first penalty was never a penalty . Second was genuine. With var these calls should not be going to badly wrong. Lazio were put in the back foot through no fault of their own. Serie A looks to still be full of either poor referees or corrupts officials.

  17. Romuald Rutkowski dijo:

    Forza Juve ❤❤❤

  18. Khoiru Salim dijo:

    Mafia win 2 penalties

  19. Ishmail Nganga dijo:

    At least Juve aren't winning the title yet again this season

  20. 畢業生1819李柏融 dijo:

    Bonucci first time has scored twice.

  21. yomyom dijo:

    no sticker ?

  22. Ezar Maman dijo:

    Udah gk aneh klo juventot.. Menang pinalti

  23. Gombong City dijo:

    No penalty no party.

  24. Bandaara kallan ? dijo:

    JUVE without Cr7 effect

  25. Se Ti dijo:

    Leonardo Bonucci ????

  26. Johnny Gutierrez dijo:

    Juventus playing with ❤️ without Ronaldo! #finoallafine

  27. Alex Marshall dijo:

    Back to old Juve days, can't win normally then pay the referee

  28. Gio’ dijo:

    Felix, nuova stella della serie A

  29. Pendu FC dijo:

    Pendu bro last season scored penalties like this and fooled united ?

  30. Recky Pro rakyat dijo:


  31. Zibalthar ziballl dijo:

    Voucher penalti from re-fee-ree have done it again…

  32. Magiro Naimodu dijo:

    Chelsea will crush Juventus tomorrow

  33. Alexandr Rybalov dijo:

    Ювентус как всегда тянут судьи,второй пенальти не о чём.Пепе Рейна первый дотянулся до мяча.

  34. William Irvine dijo:

    Very dangerous tackle by Reina…….

  35. הדר משה וקנין dijo:

    alvara matara

  36. Tomislav Šekerija dijo:


  37. Mustafiz dijo:

    Why are all the clowns talking about the past? He would’ve missed too.

  38. Nanang Abdul dijo:

    hahahahaha…no penalties no win

  39. Akbr Mrtn dijo:

    Penalty??!!just 4 laught

  40. Faz dijo:

    Maybe they were right. Maybe Ronaldo was the problem

  41. Dadang Saputradireja dijo:

    Back to nature ?

  42. tk 3936 dijo:

    yes always juventus

  43. Dave Anthony dijo:

    Chiesa is a hard worker

  44. Dudi Ma dijo:

    Voucher penalti

  45. G7 channel dijo:


  46. Gee Roo dijo:

    Back on our way to a world class defensive squad

  47. kisieleisik dijo:

    Bonucci Juve >Bonucci Milan >Bonucci Juve ? zdrajca

  48. Pablo Valls dijo:

    Un desastre el var ni siquiera fue penal

  49. WeatherBoi dijo:

    I thought bonucci was left footed?!

  50. Tukang Cendol dijo:

    Penaltus FC

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