Juventus 1-2 Sassuolo | Sassuolo stun the Allianz Stadium | Serie A 2021/22

In their bid to regain momentum Juventus stumble over Sassuolo who come away from Turin with an unexpected win | Serie A 2021/22

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44 respuestas a Juventus 1-2 Sassuolo | Sassuolo stun the Allianz Stadium | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Herry Soekamties dijo:

    Barcelona cabang italy nih boss

  2. Luca Lachina dijo:


  3. Ali Hassan dijo:

    Scoring a winner in the last minute of the match and celebrate Siiiuuuuui is something special and that too against Juventus ???

  4. Mạnh Đức Vũ dijo:


  5. RTX-3060Ti dijo:


  6. David Sultan dijo:

    Where are the referee who usually gets money from juventus?

  7. Đạt Cao Thành dijo:

    Who needs Cr7?????

  8. Alfa Romeo dijo:

    Forza Jupee Xixixixixixi

  9. Manpong Konyak dijo:

    Cristiano is an inspiration .. SIUuUu

  10. Broke Bitch dijo:


  11. FF. PAJOS dijo:

    Allegri is a big no

  12. Виталий Набатов dijo:

    Сассуольки лучшие)

  13. Andika Ferdiansyah dijo:

    Berardi awesome

  14. adam abrisam dijo:

    Lawan Verona juga tumbang ??????????? itu KARMA buat Bonucci n Cheilini

  15. adam abrisam dijo:


  16. Uwakmfon Moses Etim dijo:

    Who else is watching this after Juventus lost to Hellas Verona??

  17. Reyhan Andito dijo:


  18. Laki Dorji dijo:

    Without Ronaldo, i feel juventu games so boring to watch..

  19. Shoaib Ahmed dijo:

    Ronaldo was never a problem ❤️

  20. Rommy 0403 dijo:


  21. Alien Ai dijo:


  22. Jagat Karki dijo:

    CR7 FAN also best what a goal ?

  23. Solic Andika dijo:

    Who need CR7 ??

  24. Gabriel Johannson dijo:

    Thank you Sassuolo!

  25. Navy Samundra dijo:

    please some one mention Bonucchi and Cheilinni????

  26. Aji Surya dijo:

    look at Mckennie, he was involved in all the goals,Man of the Match

  27. Joshua Tembiring dijo:

    Jupeot tanpa bantuan wasit hanyalah sekelas persidafon..


    Amazing fan reaction of Ronaldo Goal against Tottenham and assist for cavani
    Complete highlights and goals Manchester United vs Tottenham ?

  29. BabsW dijo:

    Never wear your away kit at home

  30. ViralMart dijo:

    Ole out

  31. Erik Alfanando dijo:

    Badut badut

  32. Đức Anh dijo:

    Cr7 siuuu….

  33. Ma Rina.Renthlei INVICTUS 182 dijo:


  34. Dani Afriandi dijo:


  35. F R dijo:


  36. Vüsal Qasımov dijo:

    Why Ayhan dont play always?

  37. Aksi Reaksi dijo:

    Siuuuuuuuuuuuuuu from knowehere ?

  38. Nishant Sharma dijo:


  39. Pavel Čoupek dijo:

    Did someone notice the beautiful girl on the start?

  40. Cecep Herdyana dijo:


  41. BTS PLASTIK dijo:

    Siiiiiiiiiii ?

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