This is Why Cristiano Ronaldo Leaving Juventus

One of the reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is leaving Juventus, in my opinion.
Cristiano created many chances for his teammates…

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44 respuestas a This is Why Cristiano Ronaldo Leaving Juventus

  1. Ultra Trump dijo:

    Ronaldo day are number we see the best of him @ his last club Juventus coming to and end @ Manure United he is on the bench against Chelsea 1-1 . Manure United didn't play any thing. Italy will beat CR7 / Portugal in the WC play off in March 2022. CR7 hang up his boots and Messi have another 3 year left in him. New generation player are running thing now. Mbappe , Sancho , Haaland . All CR7 do now is disrupt the chemistry because the team have to play for him when you get the ball you must pass it to CR7 the same thing happened @ Juventus. Juventus Junk is Manures United treasure and they are struggling.

  2. Manjit Singh dijo:

    It's sad he lost so many assists due to his clowns team mates

  3. Misasa dijo:

    Crackhead who only watch the match results, highlights and statistics : RoNaLdO Is ThE PrObLeM…sElFiSh RoNaLdO…ChIeSa CaRrIeD HiM"

    Meanwhile 3:30

  4. and people were wondering why cristiano did have less asists in the last few years. its not because his not a playmaker its because theres no one to finish his pases

  5. prajwal r dijo:

    this why ronaldo has less assists

  6. By showing the misses and unsuccessful dribbles, touch , etc you just made a fool outta yourself. Even the team winning the champions league have these fails too so what .

  7. Ivan Delgado dijo:

    Now Ronaldo knows how Kaká felt when he would make those amazing plays in Madrid.

  8. Manvëru dijo:

    So easy to gather all mistakes of a team in 3 years in a 5 minutes video and use it as a "prrof" of why he wanted to leave. Not biased at all.

  9. CR7 Fever dijo:

    Still he z 36 . His plying style. z better. Nd trying maximum time bicycle kick goal . It unspotbale

  10. I've hit the jackpot! This is where all the little cr7 fanboys live!????

  11. Juventus is rubbish teammmm……..

  12. Kenan Djoker dijo:

    Juve will be better without him

  13. Fans Of CR7 dijo:

    Go SUBSCRIBE and Turn Notification Bell on for more Video and Details

  14. LatinMiracle dijo:

    Ronaldo was surrounded by scared ass wannabes who are afraid to shoot & miss. Glad he's back home. Hope he's not surrounded by more of them at united.

  15. crazzydough dijo:

    Juventus seems to have lot of Freds

  16. Steven Tran dijo:

    Y'all don't get Ronaldo. He just wanted to retire with MU for his career. The home club brought him to these days. To be a greatest footballer! A Legend!

  17. TTPQ661 dijo:

    Lmao he himself missed more chances. the most toxic fanbase ever.

  18. Picasso21 dijo:

    I can make the same pathetic video compilation and shows the world the biggest mistakes RONALDO made at Juve! You'll see that's very outrageous! If someone is able to do it because I can't, please do it and post it here! It will fun to enjoy and see the awful comparison. A lot of Ronaldo fans are blind so we need to make them see!

  19. Jack Hunter dijo:

    It was destiny for the king of football to return home to his favourite team

  20. Juventus midfield was trash. Ronaldo was the most productive players, through his first 3 seasons, in JUVENTUS HISTORY. He did things no player in Juve history did in just 3 seasons. STOP ACTING LIKE THE SERIE A TITLE is a given, it is earned. He won 2 Scudettos in 3 seasons.

    That midfield was not good enough to win the UCL with. Period. What Ronaldo did is miraculous! Rabiot, Bentacur, Matuidi, Melo, Mckinnie, cmon! Worst midfield of any team in Europe.

  21. sillieww dijo:

    Although Juve never gave Ronaldo a player to keep up with him, he still did a lot with little he had available.

  22. Bb Mix Gamer dijo:

    To say is he a goat?? His playing does not prove what he is but I am really shock that at his age he is always a top scorer in any league. It is impossible for him to play without scoring goals.

  23. Jsg Artist dijo:

    You can making a video with Messi penalties fails! 🙂 it's was he is not the Best! 🙂

  24. low class fucking play like a baby with high class

  25. Teammate is noob. Poor Ronaldo

  26. Ronaldo should have moved to Manchester United instead Juventus

  27. Ashif SK dijo:

    I wish one day some of the juventus football club members see this video and should regret what they have done ?

  28. Ron just wasted his precious time in juve…

  29. He would have got many assists ? Glad he moved to man u

  30. A reason why cristano doesn't have most assist..

  31. I didn't realize they were this shite.

  32. Why you don't show all the goals he missed with juventus?

  33. RAJ dijo:

    This video is a slap on the faces of those mfs who all kept calling CR7 a poacher with no playmaking ability look at the chances bottled by the Juventus team, Ronnie still managed to create these many chances while also having the full responsibility as well ??? !!!

    PESSI is already dusted after leaving his comfort zone doing debut after debut for PSG in the Uber Eats League with "ZERO*" goals and CR7 managed to score freakin 11(G+A) contribution 7 goals and 4 assists in his first 10 serie A games for Juventus LOLLL ! "Fraud Pessi" got exposed ??

    #CR7 ?

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