#UCL 2002 – 2003 – AC Milan 0-0 Juventus FC – 28-05-2003 – UCL 2003 Final Full Highlights

#UCL 2002 – 2003 – AC Milan 0-0 Juventus FC – 28-05-2003 – UEFA Champions League 2003 Final Full Highlights

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22 respuestas a #UCL 2002 – 2003 – AC Milan 0-0 Juventus FC – 28-05-2003 – UCL 2003 Final Full Highlights

  1. Manu Leal dijo:

    Pippo Inzaghi penalty?
    Shevchenko goal?
    Juventus always plays with referees

  2. Andrew Shepherd dijo:

    Goalkeepers off their lines by a fucking mile on each penalty

  3. jose afonso dijo:

    Dida garantiu para o Milan!

  4. Gaston Rondan dijo:


  5. Gaston Rondan dijo:

    Great AC Milan … ??????????

  6. Edi Prayetno dijo:

    hakim garis tolol

  7. i s dijo:

    So, keepers were allowed to tackle penalty takers that time? Lol. They come so near

  8. panji dijo:

    Cheating Juventus ,???
    That handsball

  9. Abdiaziz Abokor dijo:

    Holly shit it was great game to watch. Damn I lost virginity and smoke my first blunt. My and my girlfriend at the time. I will never forget

  10. M Alif Syafiq dijo:

    that pen ruled out the book

  11. LionRS2014 dijo:

    Both teams were equally matched.
    0-0 120min.
    Says it all.
    Great teams, either could've won.

  12. ValeriKila dijo:


  13. om ji dijo:

    Is the shevchenko's goal is offside? I don't see any offside either from shevchenkor nor inzaghi

  14. Turkan Bag dijo:

    Dida bütün penaltılarda 2 m öne cıkmış haksızlık tekrarı gerekirmiş

  15. thiago da silva souza dijo:

    14:19 dida almost shoot the penalty first.

  16. S. O dijo:

    Funny to think that during this game, Milan's future star goalkeeper Donnarumma was a 4 year old child probably not even knowing what football is ?

  17. Weatherlol93 dijo:

    For anyone naively suggesting this was the worst Champions League final ever… learn the game. There were some stellar individual performances here!

    Liverpool vs Tottenham was the worst quality final without any shadow of a doubt. Absolutely disgraceful. No surprise really as Spurs were involved.

  18. Barış Gülez dijo:

    Efsane Milan 🙁

  19. FADHIL dijo:

    Mana nih Milanisti Indonesia ????..
    Berharap Milan sekarang bisa seperti dulu… Lagi.,,

  20. BTV Sport dijo:

    Milan love u

  21. Veselin Sergeev dijo:

    Without Nedved in that final ?

  22. Vino Iyan dijo:

    Saya lebih suka sepak bola awal tahun 2000 an,,dan nama pemain nya mudah dihafal era kejayaan liga italia

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