Italian Series A – Sunday’s Calcio

Bologna vs. Chievo Verona

In a match that saw more prudence than an urge to win, faced Bologna and Chievo Verona. Simple moves to be careful more than enough, of not committing any mistake, instead of taking advantage of the opportunities to reach the contrary’s goalpost, was the scene presented by this two clubs that are hanging around the bottom positions of the Italian league. It looked like they didn’t have intentions of scoring, as they let the chances passed them by. Was a boring encounter defined in the final minutes of the first half when the both teams scored once; the second half kept the same way, emotionless, scoreless and shocking ‘trick-less’.

Fiorentina vs. Lecce

This match brought surprises for both clubs, since Lecce obtained the opportunity to ascend by summing 17 points with a victory that places it on the sixteenth position, whereas Fiorentina with 32 points descended one spot being left on the fifth. All the action came on during the first part, when Mario Beretta, the Giallorossi trainer, detected a crack on the opponent’s block and took advantage of it to guide his boys towards the score of the two goals that brought them the victory of 2-1 over the Violas.

Juventus vs. Siena

Juventus, in second place on the table with 39 points, defeated 1-0 the Siena, thanks to the great performance of their captain Alessandro Del Piero, who accomplished a perfect free kick scoring their winner goal. Despite that it was a little boring game, Siena was indomitable for his rival that attacked and constantly chased them and never let them take the control, although they seek insistently tied or lead the scores. In the end La Vecchia Signora defend itself very well and avoided every assault obtaining the success.

Napoli vs. Catania

Arbitration with many failures was one of the aspects that helped Napoli win 1-0 before Catania. This was a game of great difficulty for the locals Azzurri that confronted an adversary that stood powerful, ordered and ready to fight. For the second half Catania remained unyielding, therefore Napoli, which could not see its two best players (Lavezzi and Hamsik) give their best, had no option but to alter their strategy to best their imposing rival. In the end Napoli was capable of going beyond the Rossazzurri defense with their victorious goal.

Palermo vs. Atalanta

Palermo and Atalanta measured their forces in an encounter full of emotions and great goals. On the first half, Palermo managed to decode the offensive attack system of its opponent, which placed ‘The Goddess’ in a dangerous position and gave Rosanero the opportunity to run the game with 2 goals. For the second half Atalanta made some players changes, improving its situation with a tie (2-2) and although the tried to mark a third one, but their rival stopped them; and on the contrary brought the tiebreaker. The match finished 3-2, favoring Palermo with the well-deserved triumph against Atalanta, who played as an implacable adversary.

Reggina vs. Lazio

Another meeting loaded of goals was Reggina vs. Lazio; on its first half the Lazio had it all under control, with its first two scores. The second part was decisive for the Reggina that on its effort to change the scoreboard achieve a tie. The 2-2 draw excited the ‘Dark-Red’ locals but the Biancocelesti dissolved all hopes scoring their third goal that left the final result in 3-2.

Udinese vs. Sampdoria

This couple of teams that are going through bad phases faced in a monotonous game that finished in a low draw of 1-1. Udinese with nine consecutive failures, as a result of this confrontation it is now placed on the eleventh spot of the Italian league, while Sampdoria with 20 points is on the fourteenth position.

AS Roma vs. AC Milan

In a remarkable battle that closed with a tie on 2-2 and that could in fact finished with higher scores, met AS Roma and AC Milan. It was a game where both groups fought vigorously and shown their interest on moving on in the general standings. AC Milan with 34 points remains on the third position, while Roma reached the 24 points for the tenth spot, where it wait for a couple of days only, because now is in the 8th place, as they won a pending match on Tuesday 14, against Sampdoria.

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