Juventus Turin vs FC Bayern München | 2:0 | Highlights 2018

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During the International Champions Cup (ICC) we witnessed a showdown between the record champions of Bundesliga and Serie A. Germany’s FC Bayern München, faced off against Juventus Turin under floodlights in Philadelphia. When Franck Ribery’s and Arjen Robben’s Reds of Munich met the Old Lady of Turin, something had to give. We have put together the highlights of the game for you right here. What do you think of the result? Did we see a deserved winner? Let us know in the comments!

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25 respuestas a Juventus Turin vs FC Bayern München | 2:0 | Highlights 2018

  1. Bundesliga dijo:

    What do you think of the result? Did we see a deserved winner? ⚽

  2. Devesh Mittal dijo:


  3. WildwoodClaire1 dijo:

    Ulreich committed another howler in the Man City match. He really won the match for Man City because had he not been execrable, the match would have finished Bayern 2 Man City 1. Is he sick or something? On the other hand, Ribery and Robben were inspirational. And Coman, Gnabry, and Rafinha were excellent. As for the Bayern youth, several of them show promise but are clearly not ready for "primetime."

  4. RazvanJ dijo:

    What the…. first mistake on champions league, now here ? You need to practice Ulreich

  5. Tom Williams dijo:

    Bundesliga – Favilli has played in Serie A once for Juve coming on as a sub in a 2-0 win vs Frosinone

  6. Tom Williams dijo:


  7. Manan Bhutiani dijo:

    Everyone talks about Karius but what about ulreich?

  8. SiriuS Clips dijo:

    Ahhahaha ahhahaha Hahahahaha Ulreich

  9. Tepid Water dijo:

    Has Wagner always been number 2? That's such a strange striker number

  10. Alip dijo:

    We need more than possession!

  11. pet’r Klem dijo:

    That Juve striker has been on Faya lately

  12. GEIMZz dijo:

    Juventus Turin ?

  13. Crispin dijo:

    Was at this game and can sadly say I was heartbroken. Granted, BMU was using almost nobody from the their starting 11, they still did not capitalize on many good chances.

  14. Sidaarth Gupta dijo:

    Bundesliga, Who is better? Cristiano or Messi. Plz answer plz plz plz plz.

  15. M sharma dijo:

    Ribery should retire

  16. Maniie dijo:

    Anybody who is in shock after our loss, should understand that Kovac used 4 at the back, not 3 which he uses typically. He was just experiementing. Don't underestimate bayern..

  17. Vid_M dijo:

    Where's lewandoski. And for BVB where's Reus.

  18. Jordane Senior dijo:


  19. The Madman dijo:

    Well, despite Bayern not scoring, Robben proved the calibre of difference he makes in terms of chance creation.

  20. Francesco Rotino dijo:

    Mettono turin perché non sanno do sta la juve hahahah

  21. Mundo Futbolero dijo:

    El que lea esto se suscriba

  22. Mundo Futbolero dijo:

    Hola tengo un canal quie se suscribe

  23. Lukas dijo:

    Favili has a great potential

  24. Lukas dijo:

    Juventus!❤?? I love Bundesliga aswell of course! ?

  25. Seilo dijo:

    They didn't win 1-0 against PSG, they won 3-1

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