11 respuestas a How to Pronounce Juventus Football Club? (CORRECTLY) Italian & English Pronunciation

  1. Julien Miquel dijo:

    Did you get how to pronounce Juventus FC? Do you pronounce it any differently? HOW? Share your THOUGHTS & KNOWLEDGE? We're all here to learn something ??

  2. Yashoki dijo:

    why is this a minute long when it takes half a second to say the name?

  3. Shahril Ishak dijo:

    Gianduja chocolate ?? [Gianduya]

  4. commentatore dijo:


  5. Catalyst Pro dijo:

    Thank you so much!!! New subscriber

  6. Cedric Coe dijo:

    I've been saying it right all along ??

  7. Purzify dijo:


  8. Jose Padron dijo:

    What about in Spanish??? Maybe add those on? Great channel!

  9. Lior dijo:

    Yuventoos is how it is pronounced in Hebrew too.
    English is just weird, why do they always replace the "Y" at the start of some word for a "J"???

  10. UltraMLPMM Munetes dijo:

    This one is quite triky because there is no "J" in the italian alphabet

  11. UltraMLPMM Munetes dijo:

    Why do you explain how this is pronounced in English?

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