Does Paulo Dybala’s future lie AWAY from Juventus? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens (The Gab and Juls Show) are joined by Don Hutchison to discuss the future of Juventus forward Paulo Dybala. Don feels Juventus should try everything they can to tie him down to a new deal while Gab is skeptical about the money Dybala has been asking for.

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28 respuestas a Does Paulo Dybala’s future lie AWAY from Juventus? | ESPN FC

  1. RR dijo:

    Welcome ?? to MAN ?? City ?

  2. Harsh DG dijo:

    Ahem what.. Chiesa was active the entire season till like last week where as dybala already missed out 2 months this season for 2 different injuries.. And yet has 9 goals and 4 assists where as Chiesa only has 3 goals 3 assists… How is he in anyway even remotely close to dybala

  3. Samuel Moreno dijo:

    why is paulo dybala leaving juventus what happend ?

  4. Vittorio Pirra dijo:

    juve fan here, totallu agree with Gab since many years. He's incredibly talented , also at juve he never perform consistently , in italy you have to multiply *2 to get the gross salary. That makes him now the biggest earner in serie a and would make him even more so for the years to come . That just doesn't add up with his performances

  5. Adel Bechtoula dijo:

    The real question is can they afford someone like dybala or better then him if he leaves? No so just give him that 3m+ and build new younger stars with the rest

  6. Čikarica 35 dijo:

    Gab is hater and also pretty fat. Juls is just french

  7. Bobby BTT dijo:

    I think Allegri has great talent for schemes he's not willing to play. He's not playing letting his players play to their strengths.

  8. Val Francis dijo:

    Ronaldo staunched his progress

  9. Shrijit Mazumdar dijo:

    Pundits always claiming that we should get younger players so they can grow in few years. Well, Juve did get young Dybala so they can have him in his prime at 28. If you sell now to get a 21 year old, then what's the point? Plus every young player either asks for an exorbitant wage or just is inconsistent.

    Dybala's problem at Juve is that Juve dont play a game where they push forward & attack where Dybala can spend more time on the edge of the box than at the half way line hoping for the 8 defensive minded players Juve have to get the ball forward. Juve need to play atleast 4 attackers – 4-2-4 or 4-2-3-1 week in week out if the want to compete for the champions league in 2021 and not cry about Grit, valour, hard work and what not cause they conceded 1 goal in a 1-1.

    Getting a striker wont solve the problem as well as they hardly play more than 2 attackers.

  10. Prakhar Rai dijo:

    This guy was sleeping from 2015 to 19 and in 2020 season when dybala won seria mvp. And if u don't build your team around 28 year player who is on his prime then whom u build ur team around . How he compared dybala with ramsey

  11. Prakhar Rai dijo:

    Tell me any other player in juventus and in seria a except Dusan vlahovic anyone who has more goal contribution than dybala in all competitions for seria a team. This guy scores 7 goals 4 assist and 3 goals in cl and 1 assist in 16 matches and nor at full fitness what do u except fat guy

  12. Prakhar Rai dijo:

    Chiesa is 24 year dybala is 28 not much difference in age and best of dybala is nit in Palermo its juve 22 goals in seria a before ronaldo came

  13. Richard Hankombo dijo:

    No way they'll let Dybala go….he's the best they have technically together with Cuadrado.

  14. Sagar Ranjan dijo:

    Been hearing that for 4-5 years. The guy is in a comfort zone winning multiple Serie A titles. Not elite mentality, not even talent wise.

  15. im a worm before i am man dijo:

    I hope he stays

  16. Ayan Shah dijo:

    Gab’s agenda vs Dybala it’s evident. I’ve never seen a pundit agree with him, both jules and Don didn’t either. Dybala didn’t contribute last year because he wasn’t on the pitch, since his return this season he has 14 g+a in 16 starts in a Juve team that’s hasn’t even scored 40 goals all season in almost 30 games. To watch a Chiesa – Dybala – Vlahavoic link up would be a Juve fans dream. And abt his salary, the conditions say he only gets his added salary if he plays a certain amoiuny of games so they don’t have to worry abt paying him extra if he’s injured.

  17. Hasan Mahmud dijo:

    I think dybala need a transfer from Juve like Coutinho

  18. Lämp dijo:

    He did not only call Dybala old (He is 28), but said he's not more important than Chiesa? lmao, Dybala has been saving Juve por the longest time, he still has at least good 5 years ahead of him, honestly either this guy knows nothing about italian clubs, or he just really dislikes Dybala

  19. Kamaboko Gonpachiro dijo:


  20. Raymond Coletta dijo:

    "They need someone younger and quicker than morata"

    1. Morata is quick. Not too many pure 9s out there with his pace.
    2. He is 29. Hardly old

    However his finishing is suspect at times and he is a streaky player

  21. jimmi hendrix hendrix dijo:

    Waste of talent

  22. tnductai dijo:

    classic number 10 has no role in modern football… ?

  23. Hay. Y dijo:

    He should come to Spurs

  24. Taylor dijo:

    Dybala to Dortmund or Liverpool. Thank you.

  25. liam oxley dijo:

    napoli or roma

  26. Lauren dilario dijo:

    Gab is supposed to be the italy specialist and said Dybala is 28 and he has been awful the last 12 month I disagree I've always rated Dybala since he was 21

  27. D2x dijo:

    He should go to PSG

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