Juventus 0-1 Inter | Calhanoglu seals the Derby d’Italia for the Nerazzurri | Serie A 2021/22

Inter conquer the Allianz Stadium thanks Calhanoglu’s penalty and remain unbeaten against the Bianconeri in a Serie A campaign for the first time since the 2008/09 season | Serie A 2021/22

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32 respuestas a Juventus 0-1 Inter | Calhanoglu seals the Derby d’Italia for the Nerazzurri | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Kedy John dijo:

    Such as shame for a huge match like this at a crucial time like this being decided by such a pen call…

  2. Sluggy Ranks dijo:

    Gr8 full for the 3points, but I have alot of concerns with Hakan and Dzeko. Too much misplaced passes by both, Hakan creates nothing and does nothing defensively. Sanchez and Vidal should start more in place of those 2.

  3. Jordy dijo:

    Eat that F €70millions duLAN vlaNIAR!? Skriniar bullied him all day!?
    AND DO NOT NEVER EVER TALKIN ABOUT REFS OR SCANDALS OR BLA BLA BLA! Y'all juBentino know exactly what Im saying! Debate me come on?!!!!!!

  4. Даніл Гребенюк dijo:

    Peace for Ukraine.Stop putin.Stop war. #Stopputin #Stopwar

  5. Jastfan Ricc dijo:

    Без Роналдо не как ?))

  6. Pride of Durham dijo:

    This is not a derby.Inter v AC and Juventus v Torino are.

  7. Wawan Hargiono dijo:

    Wasit yang konyol

  8. Imam Budianto dijo:


  9. sakit gigingku dijo:

    12 vs 11

  10. Haru Krentz dijo:

    i thought you werent allowed to bring politic into football?

  11. John Doe who's looking for Jane Doe dijo:

    Inter win just by luck
    Thats it

  12. Walter C dijo:

    I’m Italian and enough of serie A it has become like wrestling where ref decide the winner who needs to follow fix games proof? Italy failed to qualify for WC advice less talk and more action.

  13. PRAGUN AHUJA dijo:

    But but ronaldo was the problem??

  14. Satelit Ponsel dijo:

    Forza inter from Deli Serdang….

  15. Gougenot dijo:

    I was very glad look Juventus no robber again same every time
    This jewish time have robber for 1 CENTURY

  16. King lozano dijo:

    Zakaria something else ?

  17. Karan Banerjee dijo:

    Got showdown Mckenzie for no reason ?

  18. Eno Sula dijo:

    Talent zakaria

  19. Eno Sula dijo:


  20. Ramazan Geniş dijo:

    TÜRK HAKAN ❤❤❤❤

  21. agi m dijo:

    Kurang hoki

  22. HA Entertainment dijo:

    Calhanoglu LOL ?

  23. Francisco Guarino dijo:


  24. muhammad bangun setyantoro dijo:

    Sangat menikmati kemenangan Inter…!!

  25. Qais Elias dijo:

    Forza inter

  26. Axel Alexander dijo:

    inter win with use Juve tactics/trademark (hold,hold,hold and try to get luck) . luck = penalty lol

  27. Gian Mattia Santoro Baena dijo:

    Not ONE mention of the VERY OBVIOUS penalty that wasn’t given to Juve. Do many years dominating still sting too many people…

  28. Mouhamed Ndiaye dijo:

    RAbiot homme du match

  29. Besnik Limani dijo:

    Da juventino, miglior partita della stagione,come quella contro il villareal fino al rigore… da l'anno prossimo temeteci che stiamo tornando.

  30. Edward Sanjaya dijo:

    Menangnya inter tidak pantas benar benar di bela wasit

  31. Naila Zakiah dijo:

    Ayo internasional maju terus..

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