Dušan Vlahović's first day as a Juventus player! | Behind the scenes ?

An exclusive look at Dušan Vlahović’s first day in Bianconero, featuring his Juventus medical, first interview and birthday celebrations.

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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Camisetas Cádiz CF Últimas noticias de fútbol de hoy para mantenerte al día de todo lo que pasa con tu equipo, jugador o competición favorita en cualquier parte del mundo.

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36 respuestas a Dušan Vlahović's first day as a Juventus player! | Behind the scenes ?



  2. Athanasius Dicia dijo:

    Vlahovic isn't Serbian; he is a Macedo-Romanus, or else Cinciaru (literally meaning the fifth one, from Romance word cinci=five). This is a latin people of the Balkans, descendants of Legio Quinta Macedonica soldiers, hence the ethnonyms. Our language is Limba Romanesca, an offspring of Sermo Vulgaris, aka Latin of the vulgar/uneducated/paesants. Dalmatia has been our main settlement vastly inhabited, especially the region of Istria/Venetian Republic, expanding to the lands of present day Slavic countries, Albania, Greece, even Bulgaria and Romania. Fratelli, always keep in mind your Latin brothers in the Balkans…

  3. Vukašin Gargenta dijo:

    Tako je Dušane samo nastavi

  4. Uros Petrovic dijo:

    Made in Serbia


    Ajde pre ma to legenda hah ha sta.citte kad nerazunete

  6. Bubu Blame dijo:

    Lol Arsenal

  7. Subazh 96 dijo:

    He's like that old school striker vibes

  8. Gagi_PFC dijo:

    AJMO DULE !!!

  9. Sonia Labidi dijo:

    Bello carico

  10. kura dijo:

    Molto arrogante

  11. SAEED BADRAN dijo:

    Forza Juve⚫️⚪️

  12. CIBLEK DESO dijo:

    Indonesia Language

  13. Giulio Guenna dijo:

    Parla meglio in italiano, che grande

  14. dueeh nyyu dijo:

    ??Great !

  15. Flavio Syla dijo:

    forza milan ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤ ? ❤

  16. headsprunggg dijo:

    dude is simply awesome. has the perfect attitude and character for this club

  17. mijuo roui dijo:

    Forza Dusan portaci in alto ❤️

  18. Erioax dijo:

    Why not Arsenal

  19. Andrej Bekan dijo:

    Zajebo si mi Arsenal ko išta ???

  20. gtoss chddy dijo:

    I needed this in my life right now! ????

  21. AKG dijo:

    Better than C Ronaldo

  22. BlodEksperton dijo:


  23. Daniele Cenetti dijo:


  24. Cristian Bilardello dijo:

    Welcome to Juventus vlahovic

  25. Olga Raimondo dijo:


  26. Cesare Calamandrei dijo:

    Che infame

  27. nedzad altic dijo:

    Srecan ti rodzedan vlahovicu I dobro dosao u juventus

  28. Matizx-VSG dijo:

    Ciao Dusan Vlahović spero che tu faccia bene qui e ti auguro tutto il meglio con la Juve.

  29. Kristijan Trajkovic dijo:

    They will be best player

  30. Prasanta kumar Chatterjee dijo:

    Forza juve

  31. Alessio Mani dijo:

    about to break that chair

  32. leo e ale! dijo:

    Dusan vieni all'inter

  33. Andrea Rossi dijo:

    Parla come Tu cachi

  34. Ihab Arshad dijo:

    He looks like he's been 21 twice

  35. Matteo Tognelli dijo:

    Si sono sprecati con la torta

  36. Antonio Gagliardi dijo:

    bel giocatore lui molto forte grande acquisto grande juve

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