Reaction to Villarreal KNOCKING OUT Juventus of the Champions League | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti joins the ESPN FC crew to react to Villarreal knocking Juventus out of the UEFA Champions League after a 3-0 victory in the 2nd leg of their Round of 16 matchup.

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45 respuestas a Reaction to Villarreal KNOCKING OUT Juventus of the Champions League | ESPN FC

  1. Andy Garcia dijo:

    Trash game

  2. Kawawa Chipoya dijo:

    Dan Thomas is the best…..

  3. Geral Reniord dijo:


  4. Fawzaan Sports dijo:

    The standard of the Serie A is down and I have been saying this for several months. This quarter finals has confirmed my opinion on the Serie A's level.

  5. ZuldaFTW dijo:

    Ronaldo ruined juventus while he was there

  6. englewood price dijo:

    juve needs time to rebuild. the burden of Ronaldo signing with his 30mil wages meant many of the areas of the squad needs rebuilding. it wasa bad result against villareal but the midfiled went from mckennie, locatelli, zakaria in th 1st leg to arthur, rabiot and locatelli. thats a significant drop off, not to mention that rugani hasnt played in such a big game before. i think juve knows they need to invest in the midfield. and obviously in 2 new cback with bonucci and chiellini ageing. a new leftback is needed too

  7. Hilal Abbas dijo:

    Juventus wants to play in the ESL against real, bayern and city, and yet cant overcome villareal and lyon.

  8. Vacant Vacant dijo:

    Rabbiot should have been red carded at 1-1 in the first leg with 20 minutes to go! Juve left la ceremica with their tail between their legs!

  9. P M dijo:

    Good Juventus are a trash club. Any time Juventus lose is a good day.

  10. Evangeline Wangari dijo:

    Villareal will win champions league

  11. Ajay Jaggernauth dijo:

    Just a reminder that 4th place LaLiga beat out 5th place Prem and that 11 place LaLiga beat out 4th place Serie A. Also that 1st place LaLiga beat out 1st place Ligue 1.


    Juventus overrated, same old every year.

  13. Drink Snapple dijo:

    Juve is steaming because Villareal gave them a World-class lesson in "catenaccio" in their own house.
    p.s. Interestingly, the way Villareal played was exactly the same way that Juve played 2 weeks ago in the away game. Exactly the same.

  14. Jamaican Youth dijo:

    How can the better playing team not be given the credit for winning…they consistently been better over all

  15. Alexander78 dijo:

    Italian football is awful

  16. no one dijo:

    I am a diehard Juve fan, but credit where credit is due. Villarreal completely outclassed and outcoached Juve during this game. In the second half Juve looked confused and passive on the attack. Why no attackers were brought into the game until there were 10 minutes left is beyond me. Perhaps someone more tactically inclined can explain this to me. I have faith in Allegri, he is an excellent manager, but I was baffled by the decision to leave Dybala on the bench until it was clearly too late. And Morata's performance was pitiful to put it kindly. Juve did not deserve to win this game, in my opinion, Villarreal did. They wanted it more. Hats off to them.

  17. Richard Hankombo dijo:

    Allegri is not to blame….the players just lack pride,losing in such an embarrassing manner.

  18. Rashid Khalid dijo:

    That's why agnelli wants to take out these teams and create a super league

  19. Kwame Owusu Ansah dijo:

    Champions league week with away teams victory

  20. Jon Von NOOBman dijo:

    PL and La Liga always a notch above any other European league. And that's statistically true for the past 20 yrs.

  21. palatrass dijo:

    Oh NOOOO Juventus didn't qualify?? And I thought Ronaldo was the problem… Ajax, Lyon, POrto and now Villareal(4 goals)

  22. kamenoww dijo:

    No direct shoot till 78 minute and they beat us with penalties and lucky goals..

  23. Amal SVijay dijo:

    Leaving spurs has always been great for players, they win titles.

  24. n r dijo:

    Danilo and Vlahovic worst players of match


    kick out allegri

  26. Fc Bayern Munchen dijo:

    I have always thought emery would do a good job at dortmund

  27. Javier Lavin dijo:

    Villareal and Sevilla deserve a lot of credit for their results on such low budgets!

  28. Aasman A'chronyss dijo:

    Juventus are just not cut out for the champions league. I watched them mess up against weaker teams in the past three years, and I guess the streak's still going. Them and PSG just love to disappoint people.

  29. Dan Kida dijo:

    We had chances in the first half that we should have converted but didn’t and got exactly what we deserved.

  30. LabGorilla dijo:

    Juventus need investment? The richest club in serie A who hoover up the best players from every club at their whim? It’s not investment that they need. Not at all. They need identity. They play a brand of football that is antiquated and will never win or get close the CL.

  31. Elton Babayev dijo:

    Can't wait for Villarreal against Man City. I feel this draw will happen and Villarreal can surprise all of you

  32. ANi dijo:

    First 4 ties –
    Home teams to QF
    Next 4 ties –
    Away teams to QF

  33. Arden Ma Rui dijo:

    Embarrassing juventus. Allegri should never back to this.

  34. 1997lordofdoom dijo:

    But I thought Vlahovic was better than CR7 and Ronaldo was the problem. Imagine being this wrong about something.

  35. Tsering Wangdu dijo:

    Not surprised, they both at the same level, juventus and man united not at the same level as it used to be , may b juventus slightly doing better ?

  36. Dr. Diaz dijo:

    Let's not forget that they are the current Europa league champs.

  37. أقذر مجوسى صفوي المجرم الهالكي Boori dijo:

    Sack this stupid coach. He's horrible, the only thing noticeable about him his long nose, as he imitate one of the Simpsons. character.

  38. CHITRA BISTA dijo:

    villarreal ??and congratulations
    juventus ?

  39. Chtchoukin James dijo:

    3 Spanish teams, 3 English teams and 2 the rest

  40. Satanic dijo:

    Good ebenning knock out

  41. Death From Above dijo:

    It's become impossible to defeat Spanish clubs in ucl/uel, seems like la liga clubs become god like in uefa competition, clubs of other leagues really need to find a way to overcome la liga clubs because they have dominated all other clubs for so many years now

  42. Martin B dijo:

    Its embarrassment for Juve and whole Italian football. On Juve side, they
    need to hide under the rock for three years and get rid of the muppets the have on and of the pitch. On Italian football, its gigantic shame where they are compere to the 10-15 years ago yeah teams are improving but within their own Italian microcosm but for Europe its not big enough. Italian league can be entertaining because 5-6 teams are equally poor but it does not mean its good quality.

  43. Hishaam Hussain dijo:

    Villarreal deserve lot of credit and Spanish teams are still dominating in Europe along with English teams and mediocre of Italian teams is somewhat surprising

  44. Steve Pavamani dijo:

    Always good to see juventus losing

  45. Anthony Moses dijo:

    Not a single team from the Serie A in the Champions League Quarterfinals. Says a lot

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