Inter Milan vs. Juventus REACTION: Alexis Sanchez LATE LATE WINNER! | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti joins ESPN FC to recap Inter Milan’s dramatic 2-1 win over Juventus, courtesy of Alexis Sanchez’s last-gasp winner in extra time.
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28 respuestas a Inter Milan vs. Juventus REACTION: Alexis Sanchez LATE LATE WINNER! | ESPN FC

  1. Tegan Coombes dijo:


  2. Rae Kei dijo:

    Man seb is really annoying.

  3. Timbone dijo:

    Juventus gave away 2 cheap goals.

    Look at how they scored 4 goals against Roma.

    Inter are not Roma lol

  4. P M dijo:

    Any time Juventus lose, it's a good day. ?

  5. abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim dijo:

    Conte was watching from whitehatlane.

  6. ANi dijo:

    Juve played like some relegation team

  7. Shrijit Mazumdar dijo:

    Juventus played with 4 defenders, 4 central midfielders, 1 attacking midfielder 1 striker.

    8 players to basically defend. They as a club don't realise that defensively they still aren't bad but they really need to score goals and be more threatening. They aren't even good at counter attacks since they don't have those type of players. They go into every game now with the idea of scoring a goal and defending a 1-0 lead.

    You can't blame Alex Sandro, he's a great player in the attacking half, not the defensive half. If your plan is to just sit back and defend against all teams from Inter to Salterina, then simply play 5-5-0 and talk about grit, hard work , valour and what not.

    Football has changed. Juventus doesn't realise.

  8. im a worm before i am man dijo:

    Inter dominated Juve almost the entire game. Im so sad but top 4 i. Serie-A is more important.

  9. PhēnØm dijo:

    Where's Dan?

  10. Andy Kindofabigdeal dijo:

    Remember that guy! Been a while

  11. Alonzo Ferrini dijo:

    It is perfect that Alexis could score the goal for the well-deserved Inter title and that the recognition will serve as a boost in his recovery. You have to have strength to keep moving forward ????

  12. Ayyan Babar dijo:

    When ronaldo was there even when they won trophies league too in 2019/20 still he get criticised all over the place that he is problem get rid of him from this media sh*t why not they talking now who is problem now? Believe me its just there hatred toward ronaldo nothing else

  13. Miguel Vale dijo:


  14. Rituraj Jha dijo:


  15. Gab dijo:

    Lol come on man Sanchez is still a quality player. Sure not on top of the world like he was at arsenal but he's still performing way better at his age compared to someone like eden hazard

  16. Gresham Gattuso dijo:

    alexis is an absolute warrior never under estimate him.

  17. Thelma Viaduct dijo:

    Never realised that lazy knut was still playing ??

  18. Neymar the golden boy dijo:

    I hope Inter reach the UCL semi final at least.

  19. 1997lordofdoom dijo:

    But Ronaldo was the problem at Juve, who's to blame now?

  20. KULVINDER Singh?? dijo:

    Inter Milan congratulations

  21. Yohanes Paskal dijo:

    Inter ain't roma.

  22. TheTruthsayer dijo:

    It’s Ronaldo’s fault that Bonucci cannot defend. Next time they should play Dybala against inter to score the tap in goals.

  23. Ivan_707 • dijo:

    Seb > Kay I’m sorry but the shows are really enjoyable with seb and Dan they know how to rile up the panel with jokes

  24. Erick G dijo:

    They controlled the match for the majority of the time and held position well, Inter deserved it.

  25. parikesit Angling dijo:

    Inter did everything right.. even if it went to PK, their line up taker is far better than of juve.. prop to juve able to hold on until extra time

  26. Waleed Wafi dijo:

    We are INTER

  27. Keion Garnett dijo:

    Karma for Juventus. Roma players probably called the Inter dressing room crying

  28. Empire Tesoro dijo:

    Alex Sandro is finished. Game should’ve gone to pens

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