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33 respuestas a AWAYDAYS: JUVENTUS FC 4 – GENOA FC 0

  1. Walker dijo:

    Goran Pandev ?? Genoa Legend

  2. Gary Bartlett dijo:

    Juve fans = Glory hunters

  3. ha Scritto dijo:


  4. Myles McAleeze dijo:

    I would love to do something like this

  5. Michael Callander - Journalist dijo:

    Genoa fans seemed class despite losing 4-0. That's what awaydays are about, the camaraderie.

  6. Aldo Raine dijo:

    have you ever thought about going into broadcasting?

  7. Spartacus HC Raw Videos dijo:

    juve rocks

  8. AS KO dijo:

    omg You seem W2S

  9. Damiano Messinese dijo:


  10. juve 182 dijo:

    juve and notts ?

  11. CM4fan dijo:

    Is this a video about corruption in football? Because I swear I heard referrences to both Juventus and Porto. It surely cannot be a coincidence…

  12. Danielé Tobias San Valentíno dijo:

    is your mate having a channel, i would love to watch more videos with him in future! i'm allso a fan of not cause im 3th generation Juventus fan and we are a family with all notts fan! and i really enjoyd ur video and i hope u had a blast at watching juve =)

  13. Daniel Sheekey dijo:

    You've done Notts county but haven't been to the proper mags, get your self up to the toon ⚫⚪⚫

  14. Founder One dijo:


  15. Aldo Raine dijo:

    fucking stellar, man. ecstatic you're able to keep doing what you love to do. share your football experiences for all of us.

  16. Razes Fn dijo:

    amati da tutto il mondo

  17. Hadi Hatoum dijo:


  18. mikisc dijo:

    why in curva nord???

  19. CJ Sands dijo:

    I couldn't tell what was going on by the video. What was the Genoa fans doing? Something about a moment of silence that they tried to ruin?

  20. Padgekins Gaming dijo:

    We also opened Juventus' stadium 1-1 Draw

  21. Padgekins Gaming dijo:


  22. Samuel Minazio dijo:

    forza Juventus from italy ?

  23. Paste dijo:

    greetings from juventus fan! Hope you enjoyed it! ?

  24. Jatc HD dijo:

    Wouldn't be possible for an Epileptic kid to support Juve

  25. fashionjuventino dijo:

    #FinoAllaFineForzaJuventus♥♥♥ GREAT VIDEO AMAZING REACTION 😀 JUVE <3

  26. Karl Dagher dijo:

    Fun fact: Genoa fans have a twinning with Liverpool. They even have a banner at their stadium that reads you'll never walk alone. So in a way, this was Notts County vs Liverpool. If you paid attention during the game, Juve fans were singing "Odio Liverpool" at some point, which means "I hate Liverpool". Awesome video by the way! Cheers!

  27. mike727272 dijo:

    You should have gone to Benfica vs Sporting. Missed out in a crazy game

  28. Danilson Ronaldo dos Santos San Valentino dijo:

    io non salta bla bla means HE WHO DOES NOT JUMP IS A then the team u play vs 😀 and with a é é like io non salta nerazurri é é

  29. fcpfan01 dijo:

    Great vid, but Dybala is overrated as hell!

  30. Green Tuga dijo:

    U didnt come to Sporting – Benfica. Unsubed

  31. SCFC R dijo:

    We also have links with Juve

  32. Jake Nurse dijo:

    COYP ◻️◼️

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