[#eFootballPES2020 PC MOD] Juventus FC New Goal Song ("Blur – Song 2") by Mauri_d

Preview from mod release (Goal Song & Anthem Pack V2) by Mauri_d

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10 respuestas a [#eFootballPES2020 PC MOD] Juventus FC New Goal Song ("Blur – Song 2") by Mauri_d

  1. EL CHUCKY BALL dijo:

    That I remember that goal song I heard in Mexico vs France in the Olympic games

  2. Rikardo NHL dijo:

    And also are you going to do that Lokomotiv Moscow Goal Here

  3. Rikardo NHL dijo:

    Hey mauri please send me napoli and CSKA Moscow Goal song

  4. Matthew MATTHEW5 dijo:


  5. mouhcine elhafir dijo:

    can this work only with dp file list? I have no patch installed

  6. Jeremiah Osoba dijo:

    Does this work with evopatch 6.0 mate

  7. Daniel Menshikoff dijo:

    Chelsea Dagger?

  8. Adrian Leiva dijo:

    PLEACE SHARE TOOLS EDIT'S FOR PES 17!!! .bin acb awb EditPlayerName_.bin etc!!!! tool names

  9. Rafael Borcem dijo:

    Nice master

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