Did Cristiano Ronaldo just save Andrea Pirlo’s job at Juventus? | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Jurgen Klinsmann, Matteo Bonetti and Gab Marcotti recap Juventus’ 2-1 victory vs. Udinese.

00:00 Breaking down the importance of the man who delivered the victory for Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo.
01:25 Was Andrea Pirlo going to get sacked if Juventus lost to Udinese?
03:00 Gab on the future of Andrea Pirlo’s project at Juventus.

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50 respuestas a Did Cristiano Ronaldo just save Andrea Pirlo’s job at Juventus? | ESPN FC

  1. FAXIL MIR dijo:

    To be very honest with everyone, Ronaldo is something out of the box. He is undoubtedly the best player in the history of football. You can take Cristiano Ronaldo to a war and he'll win it for you all alone. That's what he is capable of. Simply the best. Performing this beautifully in different leagues, different clubs is not everyone's cup of tea. He is incomparable, inevitable. ? LONG LIVE RONALDO….

  2. Jonathan Gadzini dijo:

    I thought they were in 7th…

  3. Frank Feng dijo:

    Still couldn't save Pirlo against Porto.

  4. Juraime Buang dijo:

    Pirlo will be sacked says Allegri!

  5. Nicky Vincent dijo:

    they signed Ronaldo for a record transfer fee even that is the league record. talk about the money they loss for bringing him in to win the champions league now they loss the league tittle after 10 years

  6. Nicky Vincent dijo:

    still blame Pirlo leave Ronaldo out of it, okay. cool. when ever Juventus lose it's because of Pirlo, but when they win it's because of Ronaldo

  7. Anilesh C Jayachandran dijo:

    Kick so called Juve legends,pointing old hags

  8. Luca Pierucci dijo:

    Utter fools, Juve. They sacked a very good coach in Sarri and bring in an unproven coach in Pirlo. But the biggest screw up was keeping Cristiano past his first season. It didn't work out under Allegri and they should've parted ways immediately. They'll struggle from now on

  9. Abhijit Padhi dijo:

    Ronaldo imagined himself playing in the Europa league…..

  10. Rainstorm dijo:

    Stay away ESPN talkers. Pirlo stays at Juve next season. Talk about why it is impossible for Spain and England to win the world cup.

  11. A Ma dijo:

    they still have 4 matches…

  12. tr1p1ea dijo:

    The 'team' that Ronaldo joined is either injured long term, traded or retired.

    Half their side couldn't be sold for profit at the minute.

    Management were really careless these past 3 years, especially getting rid of coaches and derailing the side.

  13. ginger dijo:

    Is CR7 the highest paid player in Serie A?

  14. Amir Majeed dijo:

    Ronaldo has always been proving these haters wrong..
    Either ronaldo doesn't get tired of proving these haters wrong, or these haters are so dumb that they keep on poking ronaldo and making him to prove them wrong.AGAIN and AGAIN
    PS.. Espn is one among the haters of great Ronaldo

  15. fire ras dijo:

    Pirlo: what u gonna do for me brain 81st (cr7) ronaldo reply i'mma take over the world!!

  16. Hay. Y dijo:

    Imagine judging a 36 year old for not playing like he's 21?

  17. Kalash Sharma dijo:

    They need to spend big on midfield give their all for next season and change the coach for God's sake

  18. Kalash Sharma dijo:

    They didn't spend on right midfield and coach what do you expect from juve then they desperately needed to spend big to get quality but went for free transfers and cheap coach

  19. englewood price dijo:

    if juve lost this game. i think he would have been fired and igor tudor given the reigns. i think juve are already talking to allegri to take over at the end of the season

  20. Really Don'tknow dijo:

    Get in Morhino, get it counter attacks.

  21. Live To Laugh dijo:

    Cr7 or go home …… Legendary

  22. Sporting Director dijo:

    Ronaldo:Gets blamed for all the losses
    Also Ronaldo:One of the only reasons why Juve are even in contention for top 4

  23. Sporting Director dijo:


  24. JAGNE ISMA dijo:

    So Messi and Ronaldo are still the best even thou without Champions league

  25. Android 17 dijo:

    CR7 is the best in the world at what he does

  26. 1m subscribers dijo:

    Eriksen left spurs and won a league title
    Harry kane take notes

  27. javier book shadows contributor du dijo:

    599th comment

  28. Nicholas dijo:

    Always needing a penalty though isn’t he..

  29. Chris dijo:

    hopefully Ronaldo has not saved Pirlo’s job. Pirlo has built nothing at Juventus. its amazing how a star studded team can struggle against meagre opposition a year into his reign. qualifying for the Champions League with a top four position will be no consolation if the Juventus board keep judging their managers on a single game.

  30. BobbyMarley dijo:

    Free kick that led to the hand ball was so bogus.

  31. Yoshimitsu dijo:

    Bruhh he scored from a penalty

  32. rico dijo:

    Blame paratici for all of this. Signing ronaldo then signing de ligt when we already had 4 CB with great chemistry(instead of signing a midfielder) Swapping pjanic for artur( a playmaker for another #8 type of player) lastly letting Cancelo go to bring in Danilo. Oh and bringing in Higuain for 90 mil was a bust

  33. Kh Singh dijo:

    Cr7 will saved the entire Juve players 4 next UCL season as wel as Pirlo then Cr7 will leave Juve , Juve doesn't have quality for Cr7 , why? Football is all about scoring, no one supply the ball on Cr7 intime, if, Marcelo, Kroos, Modric is on Juve, Cr7 will be unstoppable, guess the logic

  34. Tuff G. dijo:

    Juve are not out of danger of not finishing in top 4 yet. Their remaining matches are against Milan, Atalanta, Inter, Sassuolo and Bologna. They can't afford to lose against Atalanta and Milan

  35. fadi azzam dijo:

    Ronaldo saved my parlay last night which is great . But I was watching the game and I didn't see this come back coming.juv simply not top team you can trust anymore

  36. Pushp Sharma dijo:

    Espn is so biased and unprofessional.

  37. Gerry C dijo:

    what did he do score a penalty and fluke a goal, it was quadrado's dive that saved the day in true juve fashion

  38. lock 42 dijo:

    CR7 wasn't trying to save Pirlo, he was saving himself from Europa League ??

  39. solo dijo:

    Pirlo was on transition, yet Sarri win the league is his first season, they still sacked him because of champions league they haven't even won in ages , they would have allowed Sarri to continue

  40. Ankit Singh dijo:

    Juventus board is shite…pirlo is not fully prepared to be a coach and juve should sack him asap…and I hate Ronaldo for saving pirlo job yet again ?

  41. Jhasketan Jena dijo:

    Rabiot deserved a start. Pirlo has not been able to use him properly.

  42. Paolo bindini dijo:

    Build a team around Chiesa, De Ligt, Bernardeschi, Dybala and Morata, Ronaldo is one of the best players in the planet but…… he is 36!!!!!!
    Donnarumma as goalkeeper, a good young defender, and a very good midfielder…. Mourihno as manager. they will have a top team!!!!!

  43. FootyGangFC dijo:

    Cant believe the goat has a coach that just got his badges??‍♂️??‍♂️

  44. Rohit Rawat dijo:

    Pirlo should change the system and play Dybala and Morata together with Ronaldo.
    Cuadrado De ligt Bonnuci Sandro
    Mckennie Arthur Rabiot
    Morata Ronaldo

  45. nikad stati dijo:

    Yes he did !

  46. Erik Arechiga dijo:

    Of course he saved his job

  47. Utkarsh Yadav dijo:

    just name one player who can do things he does in this age I don't see anyone

  48. John Rambo dijo:

    Feel for the champions exit but what a goal that was..GOAT for a reason

  49. Sevak Jamkochian dijo:

    If Juve had a team around Ronaldo not frauds they’d still be in the champions league

  50. PUB HD dijo:

    500th comment ?

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