The Best of Pavel Nedvěd | Unstoppable Goals & Incredible Dribbling! | Juventus

The best of Midfielder & Juventus Vice President, Pavel Nedved! Take a look back at his extraordinary Juventus career that saw him lift four league titles, two Italian Super Cups and a Ballon d’or as a Bianconero!

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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Camisetas AS Roma Todas las noticias, clasificaciones y resultados de las mejores ligas de fútbol en la sección de deportes de El Diario Vasco.

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23 respuestas a The Best of Pavel Nedvěd | Unstoppable Goals & Incredible Dribbling! | Juventus

  1. Naman Mehta dijo:

    The greatest no. 11 in history

  2. Anıl 12 dijo:

    ukan ne topçuydu be

  3. Soumya Sarkar dijo:

    Kids know Mbappe, Haaland, Foden

    Normal people know Messi, Ronaldo, Pele and Maradona

    Legends remember Nedved, Del piero, Rummenigge, Beckenbauer, Romario, Cruyff etc

  4. shisiki - dijo:


  5. Bruno Cardoso dijo:

    Del Piero, Zidane, Nedved, Tevez, Treseguez, i miei preferiti! …ma Nedved e Tevez!

  6. hary Nabihan dijo:

    In 2000's juve wa dangerous club

  7. Nazrul F6 dijo:

    No weak foot for nedved

  8. Eugene Noah dijo:

    Could be messi dad in disguise.

  9. Giacomo Maccini dijo:

    Giocatore fantastico fenomenale, top top vero fuoriclasse

  10. Game Channel dijo:


  11. dhosth gaimer dijo:

    Right foot & left foot dominant player ??????

  12. Róbert Meško dijo:

    left, right, thats one 🙂

  13. Antonio Futura AZMA Tiani e lo mio figlia Lucia dijo:

    Pavel Nedved ero un eccellente Juve centrocampista con abilità fantastica tecnicale chi segnato punti di gol meravigliosi durante tutto la sua carriera nella Juve. Sorprendente come Alessandro del Piero e Andrea Pirlo di più Zinedine Zidane anche Antonio Cabrini e Antonio Conte inclusi Paulo Rossi e Marco Tardelli. Bene fatto a Nedved. Vincero e campione. Antonio Futura Tiani 3574 Jacqi Lucrezia Ancoats Miles Platting Nqtr Mcr.

  14. Marco Nespoli dijo:

    Miss this guy on the field

  15. Kuba Salinger dijo:

    Legend ??.

  16. OMEGA_SHENRON__ dijo:

    Amazing could score with both feet like nothing!

  17. Эйс Вентура dijo:


  18. Anand Tomy dijo:

    Only pes players can understand his true value..?

  19. alessandro tagnese dijo:

    Centrocampista d'inserimento con il vizietto del gol. Pochi al mondo come lui

  20. Noor Felomina dijo:


  21. a s dijo:

    This is Lionel Messi

  22. SiskoChiL'haVisto. dijo:

    Il Trans ?

  23. vaclav hrubí dijo:

    Who wants to know the name song is Bad- Royal deluxe

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