Minecraft – Juventus Stadium (Juventus FC) – MEGABUILD + DOWNLOAD (Official)


I know i haven’t uploaded in a while, thats because this project took me so long! The stadium it self was probably done in about 2weeks, but the exterior and the platform! WOW THAT TOOK ME FOR AGES…

But i think this is my best stadium so far! And i hope you think so too,

I really enjoy reading your comments and reacting to them! So please feel free to write a comment and suggest me about new stadiums!

Every VIEW, LIKE, COMMENT is important for me to grow and to keep bringing you guys new awesome Minecraft content. If you really like my stadiums and my work, feel free to SUBSCRIBE which would help me even more!
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Download + Resource Pack:
Song: Disfigure – Summer Tune [NCS Release]

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Thats all for today!

Much Love

– LV

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28 respuestas a Minecraft – Juventus Stadium (Juventus FC) – MEGABUILD + DOWNLOAD (Official)

  1. Blaze Sportelli dijo:

    This is incredible bro forza Juve

  2. king_J dijo:

    Woww ?????

  3. Natalina Roscilli dijo:


  4. WillZeroOne dijo:

    Good job!

  5. Barni 23 dijo:


  6. dan walsh dijo:

    Is there a way to get this on console platforms?

  7. Bernáth Benjámin dijo:

    A me non funciona ?

  8. Lorenzo Frascella dijo:


  9. Salado Builds dijo:

    I BUILT THIS FIve year ago you foool

  10. Fabienne Dehaese dijo:

    respect bro realy beautiful

  11. kim dijo:

    Türkler burada mı

  12. Sammy Levine dijo:

    The download doesnt work after i put the extracted rar file into minecraft saves folder

  13. Lorenzo Baldini dijo:

    It doesn't download a .zip file like other maps, it downloads a .rar

    I don't know what to do to play this map (I`ve always downloaded maps by .zip files)

  14. TheLightz dijo:

    Hey mate, loved your old videos, hopefully you can come back some day, i was considering if you have discord you could possibly join our stadium community discord server? If you join and come in you will see how much people today build stadiums, trust me its a huge amount that you will probably be surprised! PreFXDesigns and TheHolder and many more are in this server!. We have a ton of really good builders here, you can see how stadium building has evolved over the years with new seating methods ect. Cheers 🙂
    Link: https://discord.gg/b9Aj8HU

  15. Vittorio D'Errico dijo:

    Fuck though regeneration creature you could take it off well anyway you did a nice job I don't think Jesus would manage to do it

  16. Alfio Sorbello dijo:

    Qualcuno sa spiegarmi quale cartella devo copiare in "minecraftWorlds"

  17. Paola Messina dijo:

    Oh mi mom no vabbè

  18. Hijab dijo:

    Best one yet so detailed

  19. Nurija Mustafoska dijo:

    Campo bellissimo

  20. Justin Alvarez dijo:

    Como se ase el SDATIUM

  21. CrisFootITA dijo:

    how do you put the mod on micraft

  22. BeanoSkittle96 YEET! dijo:

    It won't let me download it

  23. foxtrone dijo:

    Wonderful work

  24. Brayan Ruiz dijo:

    Para mcpe????

  25. ray merino mi television i juguetes dijo:

    No es asi

  26. DLS SOCCER2020 dijo:

    Why you quit?

  27. きゅうおく dijo:

    Is this Google Earth?

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