Juventus 1-1 Bologna | Vlahovic bags last-gasp equaliser for Juve | Serie A 2021/22

The Serbian salvages a point for Allegri’s side with a headed goal just minutes from time to draw level after Arnautovic’s opener | Serie A 2021/22

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44 respuestas a Juventus 1-1 Bologna | Vlahovic bags last-gasp equaliser for Juve | Serie A 2021/22

  1. Sharlen DreamCatcher dijo:

    Vlahovic is a really big help in our team. But at least don't be contented with just a draw. ?

  2. Roy Kaseh dijo:

    Red Cards to Adam , Juve got Indirect Free Kick or not ? Or just Red Card ?

  3. Bolormunkh E. dijo:

    Yeah, no surprise big teams always have a hefty budget for buying referees. This year Man city robbed Arsenal, Real Madrid got 3 penalties against Celta etc. Referee favoring the big teams is not out of ordinary.

  4. James Benedict Soleño Miñoza dijo:

    This match could have been 5-1 Juventus with all the missed chances.

  5. Kucing Ganteng dijo:

    Shevcenko Jr. scores!

  6. Steve L dijo:

    What a serie A game before 2006.

  7. Kol dijo:

    Del Piero for president and Conte and Marotta back!!

  8. Pablo Valls dijo:

    Un desastre el arbitro que pelotudes bien var que invento es lo.unico que sabe hacer

  9. M.K. S. dijo:

    I wish, that:
    ALL of the [very]_Italian Teams, *such as, Juve./ALL of them* (together, with: Celtic, F.C.): Had:
    BILLIONS, to: spend/re-invest (in buying [even] better players/"Academy's" -"youth_development")-etc.

  10. Rizky Maulana febrian dijo:

    Alegri ??

  11. Kibwana Paul dijo:


  12. Shazami dijo:

    Italian and english referees are the top 2 worst in top 5 leagues. Italian refs cant even control their anger towards players

  13. Maza and Family dijo:

    Referee fc

  14. Albar Awang Kautsar dijo:

    Serie A is in crisis, and Italy is not doing well

  15. Naga Tomo dijo:

    Wasit liga italia sama seperti liga indonesia Liga comedi..liga lawak dagelan makane gak masuk piala dunia

  16. Mahyudi Sopyan dijo:

    Referre againt ???

  17. x.X GODSON X.x dijo:

    Every time refrees help rubentus⚡

  18. ZR9_ Mata dijo:

    2 red cards, with 8 mnt plus time….
    For the winning??…

  19. ZR9_ Mata dijo:

    2 red cards, with 8 mnt plus time….
    For the winning??…

  20. Smekdown wow dijo:

    Arbitro calcio need 2 red card to make 1 goal.

  21. taufik akbar dijo:

    allegri out…klopp in

  22. Donny Golden dijo:

    Welcome to juventus league

  23. Mohamed Nabhaan dijo:

    Was moratas shot going in??

  24. Guess What dijo:

    Rabiot deerves two yellow card but refferer didnt give non because he know that will miss the next match if gives yellow

  25. Juita Kowel dijo:

    Waiting for Rabiot…
    Where are u ??? 12 vs 9 plus 8 minutes injury time and Bologna still cant won the match…
    This is Bologna fault.. why the refree love Bologna so much…wkwkwk
    This is the clown club'.. even the already buy RONALDO AND BLAME RONALDO at the end.. theyre stil cant won any Europe title anymore… Cause without refree theyre nothing

  26. Kadal Gurun dijo:

    Juveot Menang nya Selalu d Bela Wasit SCANDAL Calciopioly,,,
    Turun Kancah SERI D aja Biar Kapok Mersusak Citra SERIA A.

  27. Kadal Gurun dijo:

    Calciopoly Part 2

  28. debi irawan dijo:

    italian reff is a big joke specialy when again Juventus ??

  29. Billy Louise dijo:

    Allegri out!!!!!!!!!!
    f*cki g bad coach!!!!!!!!!
    This a joke….Juve don't win the game vs 9players!!!!!!!??

  30. Tutus Thomson dijo:

    udah dibantu wasit masih aja seri , tim cupu

  31. ifan msa dijo:

    maturnuwun Bologna ?
    Juve ora usah melu golek scudeto ?

  32. Elisa Ari dijo:

    It's 12 vs 9. Ref clearly a Juventus player

  33. We er We en dijo:

    the color of the jersey matches the colorful Juventus character like a clown

  34. Multiyapples dijo:

    Disappointed Juventus didn’t win. Kudos to Bologna for keeping the score even.

  35. Sujas Chowdhury dijo:

    Referee worked overtime to win this for Juventus.

  36. Tomi Irn 2021 dijo:

    Reff is getting soft nowadays

  37. Sleek dijo:

    it would hit bar if vlahovic didnt score.

  38. Dusan Kuzmanovic dijo:

    Probably something about Machu Picchu 2:48

  39. Tadheo Harsono dijo:

    Yeah, Juventus things

  40. Muhamad Fitriadi Setiapraja dijo:

    Bologna vs Ref

  41. Mladen Prpoš dijo:

    Alegri out .????

  42. Eka Prabowo dijo:

    the funny referee

  43. kenta kahole dijo:

    Lol 1st redcard…

  44. Mgbada Victoria dijo:

    Never seen an acrobatic assist like that

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