Inter 2-1 Juventus | A Battle Right To The End | Italian Super Cup Highlights

An early Weston Mckennie goal wasn’t enough as Alexis Sanchez secured the win for Inter deep into stoppage time.

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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36 respuestas a Inter 2-1 Juventus | A Battle Right To The End | Italian Super Cup Highlights

  1. Juve plays dijo:

    Don’t remind me

  2. Arbër Piro dijo:


  3. Arbër Piro dijo:


  4. Marcello dijo:

    Sanchez 120. É finita

  5. marco vittore dijo:

    alexsandro il male del calcio 31 anni ma fuori dalle palle sto giocatore

  6. FaLc0_ModzZz dijo:

    FORZA INTER ????????

  7. Nadia Elbadri dijo:

    Enter ??????????????????Juventus ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. Emiliano dijo:

    Godo forza inter e napoli

  9. Francesco Nour dijo:


  10. Community Anti-TikTok?? dijo:


  11. Arifin Sogol Fizah dijo:

    Juventus goalkeeper must be replaced, because often conceded the ball

  12. Stephen Odoom dijo:

    They've not given up on the serie A yet, they're going for it, especially after losing the supercopa Italia to inter Milan

  13. luthfiah luthfiah dijo:


  14. luthfiah luthfiah dijo:

    oh my Max

  15. fortnitekid dijo:

    che bella partita

  16. wizztizzlm dijo:

    Well, that was an unfortunate situation, before that penalty kick was given.

  17. Veronica Gente dijo:

    Sempre forza inter????????

  18. Luis Arthur dijo:

    Bon dia,

  19. FT-Talent dijo:

    Who needs Ronaldo??

  20. Jardel Moreira dijo:

    Jogo ruim

  21. Vittorio Madia dijo:

    forza juve

  22. Mahdi gamer ألعاب فلوجات كورة dijo:

    نريد تبديل جلد الفريق بأكمله

  23. ny ly dijo:

    Una favata spaziale

  24. Wan Punk dijo:

    No CR7 No Lucky Juventus

  25. Carmine Lanzieri dijo:


  26. Palitos dijo:

    Dove è la telecronaca??????

  27. Annalisa Cantatore dijo:

    Forza Juventus

  28. Annalisa Cantatore dijo:

    Dovete comprare giocatori giovani, così vincete!

  29. Sara Lombardelli dijo:

    L'inter è è rimarrà per sempre la più forte

  30. Andre L'Otaku dijo:

    Forza milan

  31. Мухаммед ! dijo:

    Allegri needs to go !!!

  32. Lencau dijo:

    Your team was old defenders. Come on.. move on

  33. alex huerta medina dijo:

    Siempre va haber un rey y es Juventus

  34. Elif Durguti dijo:

    Comprate pogba vi prego

  35. Donatella Mancini dijo:

    Ole ole ole ole inter inter inter inter inter inter

  36. Erik Erik dijo:

    Bonucci malu tuh wkwwkkw

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