Ciao Juventini of the world!
What are the Italian & International sport papers saying about our beloved Juventus?
• Federico Chiesa & Dusan Vlahovic the perfect duo
• Muriel the best Super sub since 1994/95
• Paul Pogba & Angel Di Maria this week?
• Strikers, Defenders & Full backs: Mercato update

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  1. Gianluca D'Ercole dijo:

    i just bought vlahovic number 7 hopefully he dont change numbers

  2. edinayee dijo:

    Muriel would be a good option for juve, we need a spark when the team get stuck in attack, and Muriel could be the one, coming from the bench

  3. Haji Wisnu dijo:

    Muriel is a supersub based on his statistic… Amazing…

  4. Anthony Francesco dijo:

    I don’t like the opinion that Muriel is to different than vlahovic and would disrupt the formation and tactics ? I think that’s an advantage for juve and gives them more flexibility which allegri likes. Teams would have to adjust mid game to the change. Plus Muriel can score goals so I hope it happens

  5. Alessio _ dijo:

    Love getting some quick insight about our serie A!

  6. Massimo Mattia dijo:

    Berlusconi, what a guy xd. Amazing that a showman like himself was Prime Minister of a country.

  7. Radovan dijo:

    Hard work allways gives results Beppe! Congrats on 18k, i really wish you millions of subs because you deserve it! Grande man! Forza Juve!!!

  8. Steve Kano dijo:

    Congratulations Beppe to 18k, wish you all the best. Hope we make a wonderful Mercato, but above all get control of all injuries. Medical team or other must be reviewed. It does not matter how much we recruit if players continue to injure themselves.

  9. Feras Al-Lababidi dijo:

    Its mercato so yes give us a brief about other top italian clubs

  10. Michael Raso dijo:

    Congrats beppe on the 18k! U deserve it and sum!! Forza juve sempre!!!

  11. Jasón Cavari dijo:


  12. Anthony Trimboli dijo:

    Congrats on 18K Beppe!

  13. KieranFalzon10 dijo:

    Congrats on 18k Subs beppe ??

  14. Omar El Refaei dijo:

    Lukaku + Dybala salary = Alexis + Vidal salary

  15. Matheo Edlinger dijo:

    Nice to have a quick look at our opponents, too! ?
    I cant wait to see the Vlahovic – Chiesa connection on the pitch! ?⚪⚫?

  16. Al Drace dijo:

    Beppe, when mercato is crazy blows up on spotify, you will have 20k sub easy ?. Chiesa + Vlahovic + Di Maria ??????. Also, I like the little recap of other teams' mercato activity at the end.

  17. Alex ab dijo:

    Muriel would be a great super-sub if Allegri can use him properly, the way he can dribble and take on directly opponents on the 1-on-1 would be pretty useful to break closed defences, maybe he could even play with Vlahovic in a 2 up front when we really need a goal

  18. David dijo:

    Thanks Beppe! I am very glad that the channel is growing and we are already 18k. I wish you good luck and achieve all your goals. News about our competitors – I think it's a good idea!

  19. 21Dank dijo:

    Beppe ??

  20. Edgar Alán Egurrola Hernández dijo:

    The minute news are good for serie A context

  21. Wishva krish dijo:

    Only if chiesa plays as a winger not as a right back

  22. Patrick Murray dijo:

    It's good to hear what targets other teams are going for, especially if we are competing with them.

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