Will Dusan Vlahovic make Juventus Champions League contenders? | Transfer Talk | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens discuss the latest transfer news on The Gab and Juls Show.

0:00 Dusan Vlahovic to Juventus is imminent…
1:33 …so are Alvaro Morata and Paulo Dybala gone?
2:26 Manchester City close to River Plate’s Julian Alvarez
3:07 Tottenham chase Fiorentina’s Sofyan Amrabat
3:44 Spurs offer €45m bid for Porto’s Luis Diaz

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25 respuestas a Will Dusan Vlahovic make Juventus Champions League contenders? | Transfer Talk | ESPN FC

  1. Picasso21 dijo:

    We lost Chiesa so NOOOOOOO otherwise YESSSSSSS! WE got unlucky! When Chiesa is available, Dybala is not and reversely! It has been like this for years with OUR players! Ronaldo last year had CHIESA and not Dybala for all season! and we can say the same thing for past season as well! OUR best players are fragile and our shittest players are not!

  2. Mario Soncerdi dijo:

    No, Juventus will continue to be a minor team also with Vlahovic

  3. S A dijo:



  4. Liam Jones dijo:

    The simple answer is no

  5. Jordan Davis dijo:

    This donny messed up his own career. All Arsenal needed was a proper striker… and his clinical scoring plus his ability to hold up the ball etc would have made Arsenal champions league spot contenders. I don't care what state Arsensl are in, if you can make them a good team with your contributions you become a massive, star and your stock rises… but he couldn't rise to the challenge. He chose what was safe and went to Juve, which is his dream club but they won't challemge him there to get better. His loss Arsenal will het another good striker and he'll tutn into a goal scoring beast.

  6. bbclaus dijo:

    Fiorentina should have done everything they could to keep him till the summer. They have a shot of Europa league football, now they have to keep up the same form without Vlahovics goals. If they drol down the table now it could affect the players they can attract in the summer

  7. Diego Maradona dijo:

    I have a dream….juve sell de ligt and spend the money for milinkovic Savic,next season demiral will be back,and than take romagnoli from Milano for free and juve will be strong

  8. Why don`t you find out for yourself? dijo:

    no, and no Juventus fans expect it to. Just stop.

  9. Arden Ma Rui dijo:

    We need creative midfielder and wing backs. Why overspend for a striker. It's fucking ridiculous.

  10. Aldo Bonaso dijo:

    I really don't see the hype around Alvarez. He's scoring goals and doing great for Boca, but when you see the type of goals he's scoring…I just don't see him getting those kinds of chances, and that amount of space in Europe…I might be wrong. But I don't think he will make waves like people are expecting of him.

  11. Ibra Lo dijo:

    Here only for June's Senegalese jersey. Beautiful

  12. JohneeFizter Bottom dijo:

    Juves problems they don’t create chances & the Centerbacks have a combined age of 200

  13. Suman Limbu dijo:

    No chance, he will regret

  14. MS dijo:

    No its just one part of the puzzle. Fullbacks and midfield still need improving. Without Chiesa the winger situation is not great.

  15. Om Prakash dijo:

    Julian Alvarez shouldn't have signed with city. He should have signed for Serie A club like Ac Milan needed a striker. Pep will make him a winger

  16. Richard Hankombo dijo:

    Vlahovic will make Juventus a formidable team in all competitions….solid defence, above average midfield and a good attack….no team will want to face Juventus.

  17. Bee dijo:

    Looks like super sub ESR will continue to be Arsenals top goal scorer.

  18. SCRIPT BETTING dijo:

    Vlahovic is good but I doubt he will revolutionise Juve's game on his own.

  19. truegunner dijo:

    Luiz Diaz is too good for Spuds …. he could be much better than Son.

  20. Adithya Narayan dijo:

    Hopefully my beloved man city haven't missed an oppurtunity to sign an elite striker here .If Haaland doesn't join city ,Imma shave Pep's eyebrows ?

  21. Empire Tesoro dijo:

    No. We have no good LBs or wingers without Chiesa rn

  22. tevin stvalle dijo:

    Nahh…..juventus is still average

  23. Tony G dijo:

    Juve have no prayer of a chance in cl with that trash midfield

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