Dusan Vlahovic is the reason why you'd go for Juventus – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew react to the 1-1 draw between Villarreal and Juventus in the Champions League and discuss Dusan Vlahovic’s performance.

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44 respuestas a Dusan Vlahovic is the reason why you'd go for Juventus – Steve Nicol | ESPN FC

  1. Signore Santino Burnett dijo:

    Allegri out

  2. whitewolf128 dijo:

    every strikers would struggle in juve. allegri is worse than Southgate

  3. Jotesh Kumar dijo:

    Villarreal's Achilles heel is pressing. Their backline make a lot of mistakes when they're pressured.
    I was amazed by Juve's game plan. Allegri got it completely wrong. They are always comfortable with the ball. That's how Barca beat them a while back, by intense pressing
    I'm on Villarreal's side but Juve should do better against them.

  4. Jojo Dawide dijo:

    Funny all this perm says la liga isn’t the best League in the world ?? in fact we all know Villarreal who’s not even top 6 in la liga could easily be top 4 in prem they said la liga is just Barcelona and Madrid??? they forget athletico Madrid Sevilla and Villarreal like they’re just some mid teams it’s funny ?

  5. Teukka dijo:

    I’m not a juve fan but i’m still so frustrated with allegri it’s villareal not man city. Villareal makes tons of mistakes at the back if u just pressure them. Even xavi’s barca beat them in one of the first games under him when barca was a mess.

  6. Noori N dijo:

    Scored a goal in 1mints and defense 90mints juventus DNA

  7. Prince Whitely dijo:

    It's amazing how the great real Madrid or Barcelona didn't see this guy's talent to want to sign him quick before juventus did especially Madrid since they want the very best he would also very perfect for Manchester City

  8. anil bodar dijo:

    Coz juve buys ref like madrid and Barcelona before .. you can watch Juventus previous matches in seria a

  9. Apurbo Baidya dijo:

    Vlahovic only managed 23 touches in the entire game after that goal. Allegri's stupid idea to sit back and defend a 1 goal lead will cost him big time

  10. rustyblade5 dijo:

    If you juve fans don't like him you can sell him to bayern this summer 🙂

  11. jor sam dijo:

    I bet this vlahovic doesn't beat Ronaldo's 3 season records at juve.

  12. Nana Prempeh dijo:

    When I keep looking at young talents performing it makes me sad that Pep doesn't give Delap some minutes to prove his qualities. Look at Saka, Smith Rowe, Halaand, etc.

  13. Boeing 7x7 dijo:

    Remember, you lot (and that includes comments here) were the guys calling Vlahovic limited yesterday ?

  14. Vinay Kumar dijo:

    Arsenal fans ?

  15. Picasso21 dijo:

    Juventus played without CHIESA, DYBALA and CHIELLINI! 3 starters! Offensively, Juventus will be better next season when CHIESA will come back!

  16. Eduardo Apostolo dijo:

    Allegri is the problem. To slow to make subs. Subs in the midfield had to be made way before the goal. Rabiot was tired 10 mins into the second half. Juve needed to make the subs earlier and they might have won the game.

  17. Trinidadmark_ dijo:

    Hey Craig!!! what is your take on the Valencia vs Barcelona match?……. you have been missing since lol

  18. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    If he had Chiesa and a better backline… UCL would be easy

  19. The Matts Channel dijo:

    Nobody asked for this but still
    Italy 1-1 England
    Bonucci 67, Shaw 2

    Villarreal 1-1 Juventus
    Parejo 66, Vlahovic 1

    The goals came almost at the same time

  20. Simo Jovic dijo:


  21. amazoner0cks dijo:

    Juve sat back like a rat with 10 players in their box, i'm already fed up with football man, matches are so boring now with all "Park the bus teams"
    All matches is one trying to win and the other park it with 10 men behind the ball!

    I'm starting to like Basketball more now, new generations would move away from football slowly with time.

    Side note: that Rabiot challenge on Chuckweze's knee is 100% a red card, surprised that the VAR didn't even call the referee to check it.

  22. Shaquille Fraser dijo:

    What a headline it will be if Juventus eliminated be Villarreal

  23. dor1tomcswagger dijo:

    Villa Real played very well tbh I'm surprised they didn't win

  24. Steeve Cantave dijo:

    Today really showed how there are too many teams in the CL. Juventus, Villarreal, and Lille are bang average. The scheduling was quite bad for the round of 16. All the best ties and teams played in one week, leaving the other with a lot of boring matchups.

  25. im a worm before i am man dijo:

    It was frustrating to watch. I can't really blame the players

  26. Andrea Carbonari dijo:

    Vlahovic can be still a bust. Sometimes he is classy sometimes clumsy. I'll wait a couple of months.

  27. Mr facts dijo:

    Valhovic took 32 seconds to match penaldos knockout rounds away goals record for juventus.( 3 years ) Mr champions league ??????


    Susan vlahobitch with one of the easiest goals you’ll see ? but they’re hyping him

  29. MS dijo:

    Allegri tactics are too negative

  30. MS dijo:

    Juventus midfield is so bad these days

  31. Mark Power dijo:

    Just saw he's missus. Omg , the man can score!

  32. Arsenal Gunnaz dijo:

    Villarreal was the much BETTER team

  33. sikguitarist dijo:

    Forza Juve

  34. Anonymous dijo:

    vlahovic > penaldog ??

  35. J Simm dijo:

    Watched all off it villareal was the better team for most of the game.. respect to juventus for making it interesting

  36. Alfredo Perez dijo:

    Reason why Arsenal wanted him ?

  37. Cedric Whyte dijo:

    Villareal deserved to win

  38. Unruly Rebel dijo:

    Dan just say Dusan instead ? I can see your having a bad time saying Vlahovic ?

  39. Juventino 10 dijo:

    Rabiot is so passive… never takes initiative and always seems to be walking without a clue

  40. Ivan_707 • dijo:

    Wow not bad for juve for playing away and with important players out injured

  41. Mr facts dijo:

    Valhovic took 32 seconds to match penaldos knockout rounds away goals record for juventus.( 3 years ) Mr champions league ??????

  42. john doe dijo:

    Villareals goal was Rabiot fault, not deligt. He was rabiots player to mark all game.

  43. The Wumpus dijo:

    Man, Vlahovic and Haaland, the future number 9 battle!

  44. Javier Cota dijo:

    Zakaria needs to start

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