What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s lasting legacy at Juventus? | ESPN FC

Gab Marcotti, Craig Burley and Shaka Hislop join Kay Murray on ESPN FC to talk about Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United and his legacy at Juventus.

0:00 Ronaldo’s statement about leaving Juve.
0:45 Was CR7 a success at Juve?
4:20 What Juve can do without Ronaldo.
6:13 Could Eden Hazard head to Juve?
What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s lasting legacy at Juventus? | ESPN FC
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37 respuestas a What is Cristiano Ronaldo’s lasting legacy at Juventus? | ESPN FC

  1. Njr 10 dijo:

    100 goals in 3 seasons what you wanted him to do more. Man is in his twilight of his career. He has enough of legacy of his own juventus legacy is only incremental legacy.

  2. Mahhty dijo:

    Their midfield was in shambles the whole time he was with Juve. If they had even a decent midfield, that team at least makes a UCL final.

  3. Ana Ta dijo:

    None. Juve was better before him, than with him. By the way, Juve revenue with Ron was lesser than Spurs.

  4. ExtweemKyle dijo:

    If Juve had a playmaker and their players finished their chances, Ronaldo would have 50-100 more assists and a postive goal scoring ratio. His off the ball movement was top notch. -Heung Min Son fan

  5. Abhishek Rao dijo:

    I think he did all a man at that age can do or even more than that and then also everyone wants more from him like stupid human mentality and I feel Juve in the seasons Ronaldo was there was not a complete team infact they have made many mistakes in their team and yet people think that Ronaldo is the reason Juve didn't won the champions league ?. If any one thinks that then you have watched the matches or even his stats

  6. feelingblu dijo:

    Because getting Pirlo who's literally NOT a coach to suddenly coach Juve and expect him to get Juve to win Serie A and Champions League is such a genius move by Juve, right? Such a moronic management team Juve have. They brought Ronaldo down there.

  7. K.S.M dijo:

    If it wasn't corona , juve and ronaldo would've won a lots of trophies.

  8. Mohit Sharma dijo:

    imagine juventus midfield pogba pirlo marchisio vidal with ronaldo , literally wrong timing

  9. Linda Linda dijo:

    The earthy friend phylogenetically groan because flax arthroscopically drop failing a direful pair. unique, muddled snow

  10. Raymond Eromose dijo:

    Ronaldo failed???? Over 100 goals in less than 140 games, Top scorer, won every domestic trophy in Italy, he was exceptional honestly. Juventus failed CR7 not the other way round

  11. Kimmy Lorgan dijo:

    Ronaldo failed in Italy!! Worst Juventus season! Ronaldo is not a team player, he wants his stats more than the club success!!! Juventus won 7 years in a row without him and he puts the team in 4th place!!

  12. Lee50 dijo:

    What legacy? He was a massive massive failure. he was bought to win the UCL….they barely scrapped 4th

  13. NOVICE ELITE dijo:

    I wouldn't even put in top 3 best juve player of all time in list im sorry he didn't do anything those 3 years; he will go as the best from Madrid though number one

  14. Blast Doom dijo:

    Juventus without top scorer. Winner. Juventus with top scorer. Almost play for Europa League. Thats why Ronaldo run to better club.

  15. Robin J dijo:

    Juventus can only win by cheating.

  16. SATURNE? dijo:

    He should have stayed with Zidane in Madrid and win other UCLs

  17. Iwan Hermawan dijo:

    Nothing really.

  18. Ricardo Meza Marroquín dijo:

    No doubt he did a very good job, but leaves the Team in a worse position that when he arrived, in that manner he failed, as well as he failed in Champions League where they couldn’t get close to play a final. With all that negative note, I think he will do a very good job anytime he get to play in the United, with the money he’s getting payed, should be a lot of games. Greetings from Costa Rica

  19. Matthew D'Oliveira dijo:

    When Chiesa scored vs Porto in the UCL round of 16 this year, it was the first goal scored for Juventus in the UCL knockout stages by a player other than Ronaldo since 2018….he did everything he could've for them

  20. Mohamed Bamhaoudi dijo:

    those guys are dumb like do you thinks bringing ronaldo with 100M can bring you UCL
    while teams like man city , liverpool , chelsea , inter paying x7 what you paid each year to reinforce there team while your team have dead player

  21. Mohamed Bamhaoudi dijo:

    "HE didn't score a lot of goals ' yes he just score 101 goals in 3years with a dead team
    outscoring player who are considered elite

  22. Ace Ventura Pet Detective dijo:

    I can't believe idiots actually blame Ronaldo for Juventus their shortcomings. We are talking about a team that lost to Empoli without him and dropped to 12th place. (Surely the issues they have are not Ronaldo). If he was the problem they really wouldn't have lost to a Serie B team.

  23. Plumb-it Installations dijo:

    The goat is home ? ❤️ MUFC ?

  24. Viktor Xhelilaj dijo:

    Bro the champions league wins with Juve were godlike, and I'm a Messi fan. The hat trick in his first Juve year. ?

  25. Eric Ramirez dijo:

    I don’t know why Betancur is starting at Juve. AlexSandro is nothing special. Morata is Morata. Kulusevski needs time and speed. Szczęsny is nothing special either. Was always disappointed with this Juve team surrounding Ronaldo.

  26. Jettster4000 dijo:

    It’s harsh but that’s the reality. They failed to win the champions league and thus the move was a failure.

  27. Sudeep Janawade dijo:

    Gab is freaking amazing! What a banter on Hazard! Even as a Madrid fan that’s hilarious!

  28. KabbieC dijo:

    I don’t believe that Juve’s team was ever good enough to win the champions league even when they added Ronaldo. When you look at it objectively there were a lot of other teams that were better than them overall, and that’s why they didn’t get close to winning it with him

  29. Renis Lena dijo:

    Gab sometimes i wish you could speed up things a little bit?

  30. Harsh Kumar dijo:

    He was not the problem at Juve , it's the players around him. They were not even that professional enough, team don't score except him , if they get the lead defence can't defend that. Not having good players around him , what can he do.
    It is good he moved on. looking forward to see him again in United.

  31. Deependra Rasal dijo:

    So what if a team built around Ronaldo,,,
    Real won 4 UCL because of this,, comments from experts are not acceptable,,, the way are speaking like they are Juventus fans.

  32. Valin dijo:

    130 games 102 goals
    Ronaldo has done all he could

  33. rico dijo:

    Hazard has a good record with italian coaches. I think the spanish lifestyle does not suit him

  34. Varun Sahk dijo:

    Club saw a decline since he joined them. I

  35. nikhil joshi dijo:

    Gab said it rightly, It wasn't Ronaldo's fault completely. The squad does play a big part in what any club can achieve.

  36. Tshire Monchonyane dijo:

    He joined after they peaked…in which he destroyed them in the ucl for

  37. toju sote dijo:

    By his standards Ronaldo flopped at Juventus Champions league ,Serie,Copa Italia, golden boot disappointments

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