Ciao Juventini of the world!
What are the Italian & International sport papers saying about our beloved Juventus?
• Zinedine Zidane & Paul Pogba to PSG?
• Arnautovic the fav Vice Vlahovic
• Inter with Lukaku Dybala & Lautaro
• Update mercato

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  1. M.K. S. dijo:

    I wish, that: "Zizou"; would: manage and/or; coach **and/or; "Be a(n) (BRAND) Ambassador"; for: Juve.!!!!
    -M.K.S. Juve. can!!

  2. Hector Jose Ruiz villegas dijo:

    I don’t know why juve doesn’t put and effort to put Zidane as a coach he was a true juventino bianconero e bianconeri

  3. Haji Wisnu dijo:

    If zidane as psg manager ask Pogba to psg, then money is not problem where it is Juve problem, then pogba Probably will join Zidane, i agree with Beppe… It is dangerous mercato situation for Juve… Also too many player that mention Linked with Juve, then we can see no body have sign, just like last seasons…

  4. Michael Crupi dijo:

    Forza tap tap tap Juve :’)

  5. Ragnarok Stanojevic dijo:

    KOSTIC ?????????

  6. Rakan Rabihe dijo:

    Beppe stop believing unreliable sources
    Even Fabrizio Romano posted that Zidane to PSG news are Fake
    And agresti said Pogba is one step away today

  7. Bun Bread dijo:

    hey beppe, that person behind kostic that said juventus is kostic's teamate radonjic (sorry for bad spelling)

  8. Naman Mehta dijo:

    Beppe what about a Discord server??

  9. Lee The bass player dijo:

    I’d love Veratti at Juve

  10. Alex MF dijo:

    Beppe I’m not happy anymore with DiMaria,one year with no commitment ahhhh…we need FINO ALLA FINE !!! We need players who wants to fight and dream ….

  11. Alex ab dijo:

    At the start I was really positive about Di Maria, but it's starting to feel like he will only work hard until November to get ready for the World Cup, then take it easy the rest of the season and collect a big salary. With Ramsey probably doing the same, maybe we can't afford to take that risk

  12. R Russitano dijo:

    i guess zidane got his rest now he's ready to come back. not only does pogba like him but so does ronaldo. will be interesting if he goes to psg

  13. Alex ab dijo:

    Verratti is comfortably clear of Pogba, much more hard-working off-ball and reliable on the ball, similar creativity and injury record. Sadly, no way PSG lets him go.

  14. Feras Al-Lababidi dijo:

    I wont cry on losing both Pogba and Di Maria its only because they are free agents we are giving them the priority. We can bring Soler CM, Kostic LM, Molina RB (keep Coardado as RW) and a backup striker. This is not the best mercato but something good and can be beuilt on it for 3 years specially without financial problems. Second goals should be LB and RW. And depending who get sold we can do more.

  15. Poptart dijo:

    Veratie is good if we get him I’m happy

  16. max beja dijo:

    Juventus should sing bale

  17. Anthony Mammoliti dijo:

    Thank god. Pogba is injury proned and had a terrible past few seasons. Time to go after new, younger player.

  18. ak2floww dijo:

    i dont usually hate on other clubs. but my god i hate psg, they are destroying football. and always taking the players juventus wants.. verratti, donnaruma now pogba.
    but after some thinking it might be a blessing if pogba doesnt come. I really want to see milinkovic savic at juventus and i rate him higher than pogba

  19. Anthony Francesco dijo:

    Don’t worry, pogba is coming to juve it’s a done deal

  20. KB-TV dijo:

    Soon we will see players like Hernanes back into the Juve squad in the version of Berardi and the likes ?

  21. Steve Kano dijo:

    This summer i hope the Management give player that Allegri want, the characters that he want and Will be happy for. And hope for player that want to come to Juve, and not only for the salary, But love for the shirt. Berardi is a interista, i dont now even if he do well in serie A, still a interista. Biggest signing for me is doctors ? doctors ? and more doctors.

  22. Michael Raso dijo:

    I’d go for zaniolo instead of di maria, at this point it’s not worth it for a simi retired player

  23. J Sof dijo:

    I am scared as well G. Allegris tactics Will make sure Juventus plays as bad as we possibly can. Now morata i staying to play as Winger?
    No matter who comes, we Will Keep playing the worst possible football. No One Will be changing that as Long as Allegri is Head coach

  24. ELWOPPO2010 dijo:

    If we sign Verratti we can expect a goal every 3 years lol

  25. Ivo Prusina dijo:

    I will pray every night for Veratti to come to Juve

  26. vahe ter poghossian dijo:

    I said it from the beginning, Pogba will not come to Juve. Otherwise, he would have already announced it. It all makes sense now. It should not take so long to sign a free agent. He had two years to think about it.

  27. MMA 2022 dijo:

    For me it doesn't matter who joins Juve as long as 2 wingers who can play along the line, dribble and cross the ball and leftback and Rightback who are comfortable on and off the ball. Last a midfielder who are not scared to have the ball; someone who keep asking for the ball.

  28. FutRealEyes dijo:

    things like that remind me why i love but i hate mercato time. nothing is certain until the signature

  29. luis juventino dijo:

    If Zidane goes to PSG you can kiss Pogba goodbye ciao baby

  30. Steve Slick dijo:

    Beppe WTF is going on… I don’t even know what to say if Pogba doesn’t come..

  31. MMA 2022 dijo:

    Marco is the best Italian Player and he would be a huge addition to juve

  32. Mo Juve dijo:

    Let's wait and see I'm hoping we bring a good quality players this mercato

  33. matin mostafavi dijo:

    Im angry juventus should go all in for pogba they shouldnt wait

  34. sam Love dijo:

    we need to stop being cheep bastards

  35. Edd Stark dijo:

    I’m afraid De Ligt knows something we don’t, that’s why he has not signed an extension and may look to leave. Probably knows Pogba is waiting on psg. Well can we sell him and get SMS then?

  36. Easy Ambrose dijo:

    I wish Juve got Zidane as a coach

  37. Aarnav Verma dijo:

    When will we actually sign a player ??? too much delay….

  38. George Minucciani dijo:

    Zidane has 1 week of thinking about the proposal for sheik or waiting for the French squad!!

  39. George Minucciani dijo:

    I always said that Zidane never comes to Juventus! He has a problem with a choice: the French national team after the Qatar world cup or starting with PSG

  40. Matheo Edlinger dijo:

    Very interesting news!
    But if we think logically, it is clear that Zidane is rumored as PSG coach.
    I would really like to keep Alvaro but not as a vice Vlahovic. All in for Arnautovic therefore! ??⚪⚫

  41. Naftali Jarin dijo:

    Beppe, if Alegri looking for right winger, why not call back kulusevski? That coud be possible?

  42. BE dijo:

    From pogba di maria ..to cristante and emerson..will not be surprised if this happens.

  43. Dysentery Gary dijo:

    Fabrizio Romano say that Zidane won´t go to PSG. So no worries.

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