Chelsea FC v Juventus | Sam Kerr | Pitch Invader Incident

Sam Kerr takes down a pitch invader during Chelsea v Juventus UEFA Champions League game, receives a yellow card for perfect hip and shoulder.
USA Today newspaper reported the pitch invader somehow evaded security and made his way onto the field, disrupted play, appeared to yell something at players and take a selfie.
Credit: DAZN sport & Bradley Cox (Twitter)

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26 respuestas a Chelsea FC v Juventus | Sam Kerr | Pitch Invader Incident

  1. ParArdua dijo:

    Women have not forgotten the stabbing in the back of tennis player Monica Seles which nearly killed her, and which ended her career. Her attacker was also a 'fan'.

    Kerr did right, in that with the ABSENCE OF ANY SECURITY, she laid out the pitch invader with a gentle little Aussie Rules tackle.

  2. Manav rajput dijo:

    Sam Kerr who ???

  3. Guilherme ZOEIRA dijo:


  4. Remox Fulbass dijo:

    No respect

  5. Федя 1 dijo:

    When there is no security, there is Sam Kerr. Well done girl.

  6. Stu Balmer dijo:

    Well done Sam Kerr.

  7. the hung dijo:

    Sam kerr?????

  8. andrew glackin dijo:

    Juve Players complaining WHO would of thought, NASTY individuals

  9. Me dijo:

    Ive heard raves about it so i came to see. Problem is the editing is so bad. I'm waiting just to see Kerr hip and shoulder the basic unit off and then there's too much going on . Instead why not show just the hip and shoulder?
    Best example is the yorker served up 20 odd years ago. It's all focus on the pitch, none of this yack-an-danda shit .
    Give me hip and shoulder. Please. That's what I heard .

  10. eric tetteh dijo:

    I expect UEFA to scrap that yellow card. The referee didn't think the longer it took to get the invader off the pitch, the more risk the players and herself are exposed to. Security were not up to the task.

  11. Marc K dijo:

    The pitch invader: " Come and catch me!..
    Sam : "No worries.."

  12. Michael Feast dijo:

    Takes an Aussie to do something. No one else did!

  13. Tim Skin dijo:

    Gets a yellow card how pathetic…the ref should have given her a beer

  14. Praveen Wilson dijo:

    If the invader was a girl in males match would you guys accept it!!

  15. THESHAYMAN95 dijo:

    Self defence. You don't know what someone else has on em. Shouldn't of had a yellow

  16. The Great Game dijo:

    This just goes to show that salah is the best in the world

  17. tg ward dijo:

    new meaning on "being taken out by a girl'

  18. Jack & the Headbangers dijo:

    That lass is power…more to her

  19. Annette Malaski dijo:

    Way to be a boss woman, Sam!

  20. hilary .mowatt dijo:

    He scuttled away to hide behind his mothers skirts.?.

  21. A Y dijo:

    Apparantly he run to his mum after this.

  22. oz man dijo:

    Makes me proud to be an Aussie ??⚽️?

  23. Dominic dijo:

    They should get them better security, and why would you book a player for that. She just did what the security could’ve done a while ago

  24. Agata Lissidini dijo:

    Sam is the boss!!?? Yesterday I watched the game live on my tv and my question is how was possible that no one of the security saw him runnig on the pitch? They have to protect more the players

  25. Mufti Ali dijo:

    yellow card?? what for?????

  26. Dark Spirit dijo:

    That Yellow card XDDDDDDDD

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