Paul Pogba | Juventus F.C | Goals and Skills | HD

Paul Pogba best goals and skills so far with Juventus. Enjoy pure class of Pogba!

Hello guys this is my new video, Paul Pogba best goals and skills so far with Juventus.Hope you enjoy. Subscribe for more!

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Song: 20syl – Voices feat. Rita J.

Credits: JuvePoland & PaulPogba6i

Special Thanks To: Lorenzo Faraoni & MNXHD

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  1. Hamidou Diallo dijo:

    good jobs bro

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    patriotis kai juve?? graftika aderfe!! Foveros!! 🙂

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    Dopeeee asf ?

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    Great video 😀 That deserves a sub 😀 Can u give me a sub aswell? I would appreciate it 😀

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    Awesome video man! Lovin' the song, so chilled 🙂

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    I hope he joins barca soon 😉

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    Awesome Video 🙂

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    Amazing video!

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    Nice 🙂 !

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    great player and amazing video

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    This is probably one of your best videos to date…keep up the good work mate. I really like what you have done with this video as well.

  12. cesar_gomes dijo:

    2:19 name comp?

  13. Essence Of Football dijo:

    fantastic video bro

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    Great video!

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    Yo my bru perfect vid <3

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    Yet Another Great Video! Keep Up The Fantasic Work You're Doing!

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    wow nice edit bro 🙂

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    Good job with this Antonis 😉

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    Awesomee <3

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    Perfect <3

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    Great video Antonis! 🙂

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    Wow! Oustanding.

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    amazing 😉

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    I'm new on youtube,maybe anyone is up to check my channel :))) Video is great 🙂

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    Great video! 🙂

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    φανταστικό βίντεο

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    amzing work bro 🙂

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    Very nice 🙂

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    Wow! Amazing video <3

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    song? great video

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    What a start for my day 🙂 Epic Video As Always

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    Excelent video bro, continue making this great job.

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