Juventus should ABSOLUTELY hold onto Matthijs de Ligt – Alessandro Del Piero | ESPN FC

The ESPN FC crew share their thoughts on what Juventus should do with Matthijs de Ligt this transfer window.

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24 respuestas a Juventus should ABSOLUTELY hold onto Matthijs de Ligt – Alessandro Del Piero | ESPN FC

  1. Sven dijo:

    Ain't gonna happen. Done Deal – Here we go!

  2. lucifer hellscream dijo:

    Juventus are such hypocrites during transfer season. Gets offers of 60m but demand 100m and get offended. Meanwhile there offering 25-30m for players that there clubs want 50m for.

  3. Rati P dijo:

    If Juve can get Bremer immediately after selling De Ligt, it would be a smart move. Otherwise not sure, cause we lack a good defenders. Can't trust Rugani even in a cup game and not sure about Gatti yet, cause he is inexperienced.

  4. cjewelz dijo:

    That's if they can.

  5. whitewolf128 dijo:

    juve is doing smart business guy isn't even in top 5 serie a defenders. he never lived up the hype, people in Italy call him volleyball player because of his silly mistakes he always finds a way to touch the ball with hands & gives away too many penalties. there are much better defenders in serie a who are young & have better potential like kalulu & bremer .

  6. Mario Sanelli dijo:

    Definitely a beast of a CB. Juventus must be needing the funds otherwise would have easily held off. I believe they’re in now directs negotiations with Bayern so they’re not going to step back. Best just to talk about who are the potential candidates to replace de Ligt


    first bayern has to make right offer to make juve to sell him, if juve couldn't find the good replacement, then they're not goanna sell him

  8. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    there aren't that many good CBs out. Even Kounde needs work. To sell a 22 year old who's improving to be the next Chiellini is insane. Juve need a proper backline so this is such a dumb move, all to finance Pobga

  9. Free Speech dijo:

    Julien Laurens: "That's a good question for example, for example, good question, for example, wow, that's a good question, for example, a good question, for example."

  10. J Simm dijo:

    I bet if Liverpool or man city was getting him y’all would be over the moon about it but Bayern getting stronger is a problem for those teams isn’t it??

  11. Jon Blund dijo:

    Not sure about him being top 5 anything to be honest, might be come one but take away he bias he have been disappointing for juve

  12. HARRY MORGAN dijo:

    De Ligt will be Liverpool player in future

  13. sinisterxburn dijo:

    As long as the price is right I'm fine with the departure. He's a double edged sword. Half of the matches he's a absolutely great, then there's the other half where he gives up penalties and silly free kicks. He's definitely good but i think overrated

  14. Gaetano. dijo:

    Del piero is a real Legend of Juventus

  15. P K dijo:

    Welcome to bayern

  16. Pedro Neves dijo:

    ill be real I don't see him leaving, Bayern are never getting close to the asking price and if they do pay that much its a massive overpayment, also we've just taken Juves 1st choice replacement so Boehly might have stiffed Bayern over here lol

  17. Ryan dijo:

    He'll join Bayern for sure, they are building a really strong team to challenge for the champions League

  18. chistitan dijo:

    De ligt has already decided that he only wants to go to Bayern Munich ?

  19. Phantom dijo:

    Del piero is surely on crack
    One of the best defenders in which world?

  20. Agyei Maxwell. dijo:


  21. Fllx dijo:

    De Ligt is off to Munich my guy

  22. Disaster Artist dijo:

    he is coming to Munich
    He already told the club he wants to join

  23. Aryan. dijo:

    Bayern Munich are going to be unstoppable if they sign him. They need leadership in their defence and the signings they already made are great.

  24. Khaled Khierovic dijo:

    I hope he'll join us, Mia San mia.

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