Cuál ha sido la reacción en torno al regreso de Paul Pogba a la Juventus | FC ESPN

Cuál ha sido la reacción en torno al regreso de Paul Pogba a la Juventus | ESPN FC El equipo de ESPN FC habla sobre el regreso de Paul Pogba al equipo después de sufrir una lesión prolongada en el muslo. #ESPNFC #FC ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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43 respuestas a Cuál ha sido la reacción en torno al regreso de Paul Pogba a la Juventus | FC ESPN

  1. Gee Nine dijo:

    Is United a serious club i dont thing so. How many top players has failed at club

  2. Z R dijo:

    Steve is the average pl fan = hurr durr serie a easier league so he will score more points hurr durr

  3. Nicholas Randazzo dijo:

    The english bias here is INSANE

  4. Andrew L dijo:

    We'll see who's form returns. Lukaku or Pogba ?

  5. Eduardo De Rosa dijo:

    Ale may be annoying at times but hes always right. Never a hater

  6. Jae dijo:

    United failed him by not partnering him with a proper CDM

  7. Dynamic Dybala dijo:

    Stevie is still upset about losing UCL to Juventus ?

  8. VARedevil19 dijo:


  9. Aditya Parasana dijo:

    I'm AC Milan fans and I'd love to tell you, Serie A sucks! ?
    Prove me wrong…
    Hope Paul would able to show his 'masterclass' in Serie A ?
    Does He do anything incredible at his first period in Turin?? If he does, please let me know


    serie A is most exiting league in Europe, more than 2 teams can win the title. but of course the game tempo and pace and also the stadiums not comparable with premier league, just because they don't have that source of money and the top coaches in the world in their league

  11. J CLIPS videos dijo:

    poor bandini

  12. Antonette dijo:

    Steve is a clown?

  13. Trev G dijo:

    Nichol’s statement about Serie A is the only one that’s accurate. Pogba should be productive, SHOULD BE, more so because Serie A currently is not at the Prem level of quality and competition. Several Prem players have gone directly to Serie A and been productive or even starts. Smelling, Abraham, Sanchez, Mykitarian to name a few. Pogba’s skill set is higher than any of them so logic would say he will be productive. That still won’t take away the fact he failed in the Prem to meet his own standards.

  14. simon stewart dijo:

    ?? he is a great player with a bad attitude thinks it's all about him and if it's not he brings a bad vibe to the team he will just fade away and be a bit time player

  15. Angel Freedom dijo:

    Also Ronaldo failed at the united.
    Who won the last world cup ? FRANCE. Who won the last european cup? ITALY.
    Which nation has won most of the last champions league? SPAIN.

  16. SamuraiJose817 dijo:

    I think juventus could do better than manchester united in the premier league so dont give me that pace behind bs.

  17. SamuraiJose817 dijo:

    United needs mourinho

  18. Level 1 dijo:

    The thing about Paul pogba. It's amazing when the football don't happen. Its the build up, and the excitement. But let's not forget. Its all about the football !!!

  19. TheFreeChannel dijo:

    He left ManUtd to Juventus. Came back to United and now back to Juventus. Here’s what I learn from this. Kids , please stop chasing after your ex ?

  20. JAMES JOHN dijo:

    Juventus is real to sell him for 100M and get him fir free again.

  21. Holi Days dijo:

    Is this a Guy???

  22. Brian Wokorach dijo:

    Pogba won't succeed. Let's wait and see

  23. Andrea Piepoli dijo:

    If you are a person with a lot of money, living in Italy is a step forward compared to the UK in terms of quality of life.

  24. Trueindian Trueindian dijo:

    He has been thrown out like tissue paper…well deserved

  25. Captain Smoke dijo:

    Juve willl let him go after a year. Dude is finished.

  26. Carson Merice dijo:

    Comments enabled ?

  27. Marvin Brando dijo:

    Stupid analysis 4 the english guy as always. Pogba in Liverpool or City or Chelsea, he would've proved good football, but not in United. United is a bad team. Kills good players

  28. Pritish Appadoo dijo:

    When you've suffered from Rabiot, Arthur and Pjanic's presence in recent years, having Pogba back feels like a blessing.

  29. Mechayq dijo:

    1 goal all season??? Yet people talk about Modric not scoring enough in his position

  30. Matthew Xuereb dijo:

    If I have to hear 'Pogback' another time, I'll… I won't do anything. I'll just be mildly annoyed, and then move on with my life.

  31. Shakir Ahmed dijo:

    This move back to Juve for Pogba was imminent, much needed to perhaps find his mojo back Because otherwise he was basically a dead man alive in that United team

  32. Gavin Burns dijo:

    I do believe he is overhyped because if he was as good as made out he could of carried that man u team look at the liverpool teams Steven gerrard had to play with but still was always a 9 or 10/10 player program carnt do that.

  33. ROCKO dijo:

    I still don’t know why he left in the first place for Man United? Paul pogba was incredible!!!

  34. Zami Sarker dijo:

    Pogba and De Maria should make a big difference for Juve.

  35. Abu Kishore dijo:

    Juventus got a viral fever i.e pogdrama

  36. Akash M dijo:

    I think he will be better at Juventus, even if Juventus are not at their best. Because Juventus have a much better midfield options than united right now and they have vlahovic upfront who can score goals, chiesa will be back, so I think he will have options to get to his best level at juve

  37. Ichsuka dijo:


  38. GIBBO4182 dijo:

    One of the most overrated players I’ve ever seen…sooooo many excuses get made for him not being very good!

  39. CCT dijo:

    Good riddance to bad news….for the Premiere League b

  40. Pro gaming dijo:

    That is a guy?

  41. im a worm before i am man dijo:

    Uh, i don't want to hype his return…
    Just hope he can find his confidence back

  42. Shervin Loghmani dijo:


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