Pogback a la Juventus | Podcast de televisión de ESPN FC

El equipo de ESNP FC reacciona a la noticia de que, según los informes, Paul Pogba se ha reincorporado a la Juventus y se pregunta si puede recuperar la forma que una vez encontró en el club. Además, el panel se desglosa si la oferta de Barcelona por Robert Lewandowski es un movimiento inteligente para el club y cómo Joao Félix podría renovar su juego en medio del interés de Man City. #ESPNFC #Podcast #Soccer #Juventus ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN+: ✔ Suscríbete a ESPN FC en YouTube:

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14 respuestas a Pogback a la Juventus | Podcast de televisión de ESPN FC

  1. Ciastko Prawdy dijo:

    Sometimes… guys you have no idea what you talking about specially about barcelona… you already operate on a basis of broken market…

  2. Stephen McCulloch dijo:

    Allegri is not better than Mourinho, allegri won nothing outside Italy

  3. Propagandalf dijo:

    You definitely have a point tho I've always said there's no difference between psg or any other club its just narratives Barca, Madrid and others have always just thrown money at stuff but I definitely respect Barca more and to a point its understandable because there up against a virus like Real Madrid

  4. prakhar sachdeo dijo:

    Best Messi in history ?

  5. Kevin Garcia dijo:

    When neymar is playing well and if you watch psg he’s the best

  6. R bar dijo:

    Let this money driven player go away. With this form he demand a hike in his salary. Man united main problem is they like bringing these African self centered player in big number. What does man united wants to prove here?

  7. Renaldo Matadeen dijo:

    Juve have got to be stupid to take this deal

  8. Ozy Mandias dijo:

    Man Utd made history when they became the first club to request a Buy-Back Clause on a player leaving on a free.,

  9. A Z dijo:

    Think Gab explained the CEO of Milan meant it from a spectacle standpoint that serie A is not up to par. Now Stevie will run with this the rest of his life

  10. im a worm before i am man dijo:

    Uh, i hope he return for good

  11. blitz dijo:

    if you cant succeed in premiere league you can always return to italy hahahah but should they return as heroes ???

  12. Moon Venerable dijo:

    Scenes when pogba does well for juve and united are linked with him for a return next summer

  13. SAVAGE dijo:

    Dwarf is finished ?
    Steve is right, those stats are disgusting……
    What a Bottler , even in farmer's league ? and they talk about europa ?

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