La Juventus gobierna el mercado de transferencias libres, pero ¿qué tan ‘gratis’ son estos fichajes? ?

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37 respuestas a La Juventus gobierna el mercado de transferencias libres, pero ¿qué tan ‘gratis’ son estos fichajes? ?

  1. Nurul Amin dijo:

    What's beef? Beef is when your… ?

  2. Ita dijo:

    Don't disrespect Di Maria. He is in fantastic shape, he is still fast and sharp, and he brings a lot of experience, which you need after Chiellini left. He had only 1-2 average seasons since he joined Benfica.

  3. Amir Almajidi dijo:

    How the hell is Di Maria a bad signing? If players like Alexis and miki can come to serie a and ball what makes you think di maria isn't able to?? I think he will be their best player this season in my opinion and maybe the best in Italy he's never been the main man on the team and he finally kind of has the chance to take that role I say 20 goals 10 assist season in the league ?

  4. HotChitoo_ dijo:

    It’s not the money it’s the management that’s just ignorant to point out

  5. HotChitoo_ dijo:

    U don’t need to be young lol there’s Liverpool and Real Madrid as an example

  6. gaglet dijo:

    thank the lord he left

  7. Bianconero Catracho dijo:

    Seeing it from the outside, it seems as if Juve hasn't changed its policy.
    However, Marotta's free signings were excellent, while Paratici's were flops with high wages. Now Cherubini and Arrivabene are making smart free transfers. All these 3 stages have had different goals and strategies and i think they will also have different results, i feel very positive about Juve's near future.

  8. enzo luca dijo:

    2 players out of 10 flopped not a bad ratio tbh

  9. Logan20 ELG dijo:

    Di maría underrated af. Clear of chiesa

  10. Espen Falkeid dijo:

    Was so good and young players some years ago…….. Now is it back to old players……….

  11. Numan Muhammad Ali dijo:

    Di Maria statement made me realise you are a ???

  12. Alan Garcia dijo:

    Woah woah woah don’t diss Di Maria who’s still at a good level bitch

  13. Betza dijo:


  14. John Kennedy Ekene dijo:

    The answer is simple, the league has changed. Teams like Napoli Roma Lazio and even Atalanta will suffocate you, while teams like inter and Milan are now strong enough to even win juventus easily.
    Juve made a mess with that cristiano signing, wasted tons of money and didn’t continue with their European plans as they used to ( 2 CL finals in few years), with pirlo and vidal they did amazing things, now they should focus on a creative midfielder, to supply Moses Vlahovic and chiesa. They should be able to fight for the scudetto.

  15. PeleTheOrange dijo:

    Juventus: Buy pogba from United for free
    Man United: Buy pogba from Juventus for 90m
    Juventus: Buy pogba from United again for free
    Juventus are the Kings of making money

  16. Beets Bears dijo:

    Bro that is fake ramsey salary isn’t 400k a week

  17. Kane dijo:

    Di Maria will prove him wrong i think, hes different

  18. Lang dijo:

    It was literally proven Ramsey isn't on 400k a week.

  19. trident gaming dijo:

    Yep great vid

  20. Yash Mirani dijo:

    Scenes when Di Maria outscores Vlahovic this season ??

  21. Francis Lopez dijo:

    Pogba is going to flop you'll see him get more haircuts than having great performances on the field.

  22. Deepak Chackiyath dijo:

    Ramsey isn't on 400 k

  23. Spencer McKeon dijo:

    Napoli is better

  24. Dinis Fonseca dijo:

    Juve* not Juvei

  25. Dinis Fonseca dijo:

    Ramsey* not Remzey

  26. Yessah dijo:

    That last statement was cold ?

  27. That guy dijo:

    The old lady won't be getting any younger you say bro the club is 125 years old ????

  28. Ivan_707 • dijo:

    Ramsey really making more than de Bruyne and haaland ??

  29. Hanin Namir dijo:

    You don't know what you're talking about, Ramsey isn't on 400k a week. I agree that Ramsey and Rabiot didn't live up to their expectations, and that they got big signing fee, but that doesn't mean signing free agents is bad.
    Pogba lowered his salary to come to juve and got only 2.5m signing bonus. Di Maria's salary is well within the salary cap and his agent only got 1.3m
    So next time do your homework better before making a video. Thanks ?

  30. JackdiQuadri97 dijo:

    Ramsey is not on 400k a week, that was fake news.
    He's on 135k a week, still a high sum, but a third of what you are reporting.
    400k a week would be a top20 in the world salary

  31. Joseph dijo:

    ok u took this vid idea from hitc sevens

  32. blind Daley dijo:

    Ramsey is the ultimate “do something” meme

  33. Mr Blobby dijo:

    Nah, juve somehow ruined Ramsey. He doesn't even turn up for Wales anymore. Reckon he lost his motivation

  34. Lyés Bouzidi dijo:

    Ramsey’s committing legalized bank robbery?

  35. Aldo Lopez dijo:

    Hands down to ramseys agent

  36. Liamlobro dijo:


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