Mejor opción para la Juventus: ¿Memphis Depay o Timo Werner? | FC ESPN

Nicky Bandini y Alessandro Del Piero se unen a ESPN FC para discutir las últimas noticias sobre la transferencia de Juventus y si Memphis Depay o Timo Werner serían una mejor opción para el club. Suscríbase a ESPN UK: siga a ESPN UK en varias plataformas:

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26 respuestas a Mejor opción para la Juventus: ¿Memphis Depay o Timo Werner? | FC ESPN

  1. P M dijo:

    No one should go to Juve.

  2. Signore Santino Burnett dijo:

    We need a left back. Sandro making Dembele look like prime Messi.

  3. Darius dijo:

    Depay, go for him! How could Del Piero not choose him? Depay is playing similarly to Del Piero, is a Trequartista and next to Vlahovic + di Maria would be fantastic!
    Werner is a useless runner, he is so quick with his feet but has no close control hence can´t do much in a crowded box. Only counter attack football like at his best time at Leipzig is destined for him.

  4. Ayy Cee dijo:

    I see allergi likes hard working losers upfront who can’t compose themselves


    100% werner

  6. Jamiul Alam dijo:

    Juventus need a left winger. Depay would be good option for them.

  7. Josh Scott dijo:


  8. S. dijo:

    This lady sounds terrible

  9. Williams Edolo dijo:

    Like I can’t believe no one is hunting for Depay

  10. Josma Lepi dijo:

    This Women look Like pornstar from 80s

  11. Jae dijo:

    Depay would be way better than Werner

  12. Kanchan dijo:

    Of couse depay.
    Even david warner would be better than timo werner

  13. Orane Parkinson dijo:

    I forgot morata plays football

  14. im a worm before i am man dijo:


  15. Mihir Desai dijo:

    what’s up with this randomly cut videos.

  16. Gerardo Portillo dijo:

    Werner is literally the German Morata

  17. Maldini and Del Piero dijo:

    Definitely Werner. Depay is a lazy part-timer.

  18. bruno fernandes dijo:

    Are you joking tim werner?

  19. Maharaja Ramzan dijo:

    Depay would be perfect for Juve

  20. Muhammad Radhivan dijo:

    Werner all day, his mental maybe broken but his attitude is still better than Depay. Juve need a player that stay home while Pogba and co go party.

  21. Aldonis Ambel dijo:

    Depay is the perfect fit for juve too play in Cam.

  22. Resolute dijo:

    depay is better imo

  23. Dr. Diaz dijo:

    Juve should sign both.

  24. Pumpkin dijo:

    Warner for ever

  25. OG Cookie Monster dijo:

    I haven’t seen Paolo Bandini in a while. I really loved his analysis on Serie A

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