¿Qué tan ciertos son los rumores de Christian Pulisic sobre la Juventus? | FC ESPN

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27 respuestas a ¿Qué tan ciertos son los rumores de Christian Pulisic sobre la Juventus? | FC ESPN

  1. ierbutza21 dijo:

    If the want to get a big share of the usa market yes they should buy him,if the want a player to improve them then NO! Stay away from this guy. Lets face the truth hete only yanks rate him (they overrate the guy) while in Europe he is a normal player and nothing special.Think yall need to rethink how "good" he is cause theres so many like him and even a lot better for less provlems than with him.

  2. Hamster En ligne dijo:

    I disagree Pulisic should play for a weaker team. Pulisic played mostly as a wing back last season and did well most of the times he was positioned as a winger (mainly on the left). The issue for Pulisic and all of Chelsea’s forwards for that matter is Tuchel’s tactics and formation. The other issue is how Chelsea lack a playmaker with good passing skills and vision. Actually look at the forwards as a whole, ESPN commentators. They all underperformed because Tuchel failed to get the best out of them. Over half of Chelsea’s forwards, including Pulisic, was not given the chance to build consistency because they are either playing out of position or get very little to no minutes the next few games regardless of how well they do.

  3. Larry Parilla dijo:

    Power index (production) per minutes played is easy. Better than most. Get out ugly English football. Go to Spain or Italy. ??

  4. ChordMelodyUke dijo:

    Now Ronaldo may be coming to Chelsea. Puli needs to get out there ASAP or he'll be Tuchel's 8th choice.

  5. Serial Bridge Arsonist dijo:

    I agree completely with the idea that Pulisic needs to "take a step" down in level. I say this NOT because I doubt his quality as a Champions League player; no, not at all. But, I am skeptical of the current durability of his body at this point. Not to mention, I think he needs to go to a club that treats him as something of a centerpiece, much like the USMNT. I believe, if given the opportunity, he'll prove vital for a club with solid ambitions, all the while getting a season or two of reduced demand on his body which a reduced match schedule would permit for him at this point–i.e., Newcastle, Everton, and maybe even a West Ham (despite Europa League), et cetera.

  6. yaser khalid dijo:

    Maybe pulisic should go to a smaller English club for more opportunity

  7. Morgan Press dijo:

    Short term loan to Leeds, after the world cup look to move. Stock will go up, more money for chelsea and a better fit for Pulisic. Win, win.

  8. Sebastian Distefano dijo:

    pulisic wont start for juventus hes nowhere close to di maria vlahovic or chiesa

  9. Detective Police dijo:

    He is so slow

  10. Awesomegaming dijo:

    Everybody creates a lot of materials on Pulisic because he is the most popular soccer player in the United States and mighty United states financial power and marketing actually propels to those contents. I noticed that a lot of hatred towards successful American soccer players by these European and African and some South American pundits because they are having hard time grasping the concept that USA is slowly becoming Powerhouse of the beautiful game also. Get used to it you all, now most of the premier league clubs are acquired by American business world, so you all will be seeing American players there anyway. Enjoy the game and get rid of your hatreds for just being American!

  11. al ferrari dijo:

    That woman looks like a man

  12. Cocoy Bibit dijo:

    Hearing Ale talk is like….Duh thanks Captain Obvious ?

  13. Skram D'€urosnob ⚽ dijo:

    I'm not sure he is quality enough for Juve either. Obviously he didn't hack it at Chelsea.. Pivotal time for him, he'll either be a super star after the WC or he'll be off the radar for the future.

  14. Chris Garner dijo:

    He's not getting opportunities because he hasn't performed…BUT NONE of the offense has performed!!!! TT's scheme is not about offense…Chelsea has way more goals scored by defensive players (compared to other teams) because the scheme runs through the defense. What offensive player would want to play for TT?

  15. Akeem Thompson dijo:

    Yall putting rafinha there like Chelsea getting him

  16. Christopher Abad dijo:

    I can’t wait for pulisic rubs this talk about him not being good or fit enough in the media’s and Chelsea’s face. He Played out of position and with a team who had no creativity in the final 3rd. Can’t wait to see Chelsea fall and Pulisic to rise.

  17. IsmokeHiphop Live dijo:

    he's just not good enough to be a starter at a big club at all

  18. Signore Santino Burnett dijo:

    Di Maria and Soule would be ahead of him.

  19. BobbyMarley dijo:

    Juve buys players for jersey sales and more exposure . Hence Pulisic signing

  20. Maudal Musical Machines dijo:

    Here's another point about "all the players that Chelsea are flirting with" – Tuchel doesn't play traditional wingers . Neither Raphina nor Sterling have played in a TT system where the front 3 flow around each other with the #8, with all of them switching positions at any time while maintaining that high press. Puli has had a year and a half under that system. He has always welcomed competition and I like his chances .

    A word on his injuries – he hasn't had a muscle injury since he tore his hamstring trying to score his 2nd in that FA cup final… you know… the game when he was Chelsea's "1st name on the team sheet". His last injury came from another red card worthy dirty tackle from a concacaf opponent. Once he recovered from that he's been @ 100% match fit.

  21. Stefano Castelli dijo:

    say in the premier league

  22. Green dijo:

    If u play for a top club u should expect them to buy players in your position and for u to have to fight for your position, why are the pundits making such a big deal out of Chelsea buying new players

  23. Liberty Bomb dijo:

    he's a mid table team player. if he wants to player then join a mid table team.

  24. Christian WAG dijo:

    Ask Craig Burley he knows..lol ?

  25. Jose Gonzalez dijo:

    If im juve I swap for more youth because squad pretty seasoned

  26. Tripleexel dijo:

    I hope they are tru. I would love to see how Juve fans react when the USA cries everytime the LeBron James of soccer doesn't start a game

  27. HyunSoo Lim dijo:

    Pulisic shoulda gone to Liverpool to start his epl career maybe a move to a top 10 EPL team

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