Real Madrid o Juventus: ¿Quién gana la final de la UCL 2017? | FC ESPN

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Camisetas ARGENTINA Un jugador muere por un golpe en un partido de fútbol. EFE. Javier Tebas acompaña la cena de Nochebuena de Cruz Blanca Huesca.

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31 respuestas a Real Madrid o Juventus: ¿Quién gana la final de la UCL 2017? | FC ESPN

  1. 612 Ent dijo:

    Don’t worry bout us

  2. Mrzombiie dijo:

    Bunch of clowns. Always betting against Real Madrid. Madrid always win.?

  3. J R dijo:

    I think they were right. The difference was CR7.

  4. Jewel Rozario dijo:

    Most horrible pundits world has ever seen. And still ESPN has kept them in the job. They just can't praise Real Madrid team. After these many year i feel petty on them. At that time even if an Indian team would play champions league final against Real Madrid i think they would say Indian team will win.

  5. Ronnie Dweetno dijo:


  6. Banerjee Avik dijo:

    You guys know nothing about the game! Awful predictions

  7. Nisha Adhikari dijo:

    Juve are clearly the favourites!

  8. Subas Budhathoki dijo:

    I think studios people are losers, they always talks about loosing Real Madrid

  9. You are a champion dijo:

    This guys always hates real amd ronaldo

  10. Lee King dijo:

    4-1 people shut up

  11. Rohit Gangurde dijo:

    Watching this video now, and it is so funny. Everyone worrying Real Madrid will lose ?

  12. Football Moments dijo:

    It's 4 years later and I must say you guys don't know anything

  13. suraj dubey dijo:

    Ronaldo is Ronaldo

  14. Marco Arreola dijo:


  15. Derrick Vidal dijo:

    Little did they know?

  16. Bruno Trelles dijo:

    Real Madrid 4-1 Juventus. 2017

    Real Madrid 3-1 Liverpool 2018

    They probably had a orgy party when Ajax knocked out Madrid in 2019

    But this 2019 we got our mojo back

  17. Tanmoy Mazumder dijo:

    Looking back, how fools were these so called pundits! Allegri had so many tactics yet we fucking destroyed them.

  18. Shantanu Deore dijo:

    Steve Nicol is the biggest Clown ?.
    Idiot Steve keep hating on real madrid and CR7.

  19. Dj cliff Joseph dijo:

    Those pundits should stop counting Madrid out they looks like bums

  20. Sidchat7 dijo:


  21. sohel bashar dijo:

    4-1…..Fuckin clowns….these morons sucked as player..also sucks now

  22. Rajorshi Sarkar dijo:

    I personally feel these three guys don't deserve to be in the expert seat. I think ESPN should opt for true experts who are famous footballer and unbiased. I feel whatever the sports might be the panel should consist if unbiased people. I say this not as any fan of particular club but as a fan of football.

  23. Desirée Rodríguez dijo:

    and real won!!! fuck haters

  24. Romans 8:9 dijo:

    looks like someone gave Moreno a black eye. Wish I could high five the guy that did it…

  25. Eduardo Gregori dijo:

    Madrid will win. Juventus is an amazing team, but this Real Madrid is better than the Galacticos of Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Figo, Ronaldo, Beckham…they are at least as good as the 1950s Madrid of DiStefano, Gento, Puskas…

    My bet is they'll win, becoming the first team in winning back to back Champions Leagues.

  26. Aamir Ahmed dijo:

    these so called pundits are biased they always talk shit about cristiano and real madrid. in the euros they bashed cr7 and portugal and they proved them wrong i can't wait for Real to win the champions league and then i ll see their faces

  27. Fernando Hernandez dijo:

    These guys suck

  28. Meiring Collections dijo:

    Real Madrid RETAINING TITLE ??

  29. Mel 1018 dijo:

    This guy marcotti is the most clueless pundit I've ever witnessed, the club has done BETTER without bale and his injuries, the team is better suited as a 4-4-2 formation, the extra midfielder helps, especially giving Isco the role as number of 10. This idiot should stick to reporting on MLS.

  30. Giovanni dijo:

    I'm a Madridsta but Juve defense is to nasty

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