Juventus FC vs Bayern Munich Liga de Campeones HD

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48 respuestas a Juventus FC vs Bayern Munich Liga de Campeones HD

  1. dlmaniac dijo:

    LOL. What now Juvenile fans? Enjoy this ass-whopping from Bayern. That seems to be the tradition every time Bayern plays Juventus.

  2. 14Teutonic dijo:

    Funny video but as always Hitler wasn't quite right now was he FC Bayern #1
    O and you are a genius for the schweinsteiger pig beer joke 😉

  3. person on the screen dijo:

    Goodnight Juve 🙂

  4. pepenj1968 dijo:

    Back to back bitches!!!…Bayern Munich pass to Semifinals!!!

  5. Prokleshi Moor dijo:

    juventus is good team
    and bayern is the best team

  6. soso xiladze dijo:

    FC bayern munchen we will win 4-0 in italy ;))))))) just look and enjoy

  7. DineroLeone dijo:

    Sound is coming for Bayern from India as well

  8. DineroLeone dijo:

    again Bayern will win

  9. ShutUpAndPlay dijo:

    Yeah fuck Bayern the team that dominated Juventus for a full 90

  10. Vito's Memo dijo:

    fuck bayern

  11. Nils Zwicker dijo:

    Deutschland mit den Nationalsozialismus zu zeigen ist sowas von lächerlich! Aber man kann ja über Humor streiten

  12. Gio Jenny dijo:

    juventus 3 bayer 0……

  13. DA96 Gamer dijo:

    Mia San Mia 4 Ever <3

  14. IronTurian dijo:

    2:0 douchbages ehehehehehegeh

  15. Olana Bero Bedada dijo:

    Mein Liebling Bayern

  16. Bernardo edo dijo:

    Juventus loser…hahahahaa

  17. person on the screen dijo:

    Forza Ferrari I rather loose 2-1 in a semi then get raped 4-0 in a final

  18. Hoss Sam dijo:

    keep calm and forza juve 🙂 … and love buffon #1

  19. Legend21 dijo:

    @Omar Alzoor I don't give a shit because you will see second leg. Plus italy smoked Germany this summer so I don't give a shit italy is better then Germany and life is good.

  20. A.J. Beauchemin dijo:

    It's funny because you lost.

  21. Sunrecordsmusic dijo:

    LUCKY ??? which game did you watch ??? Bayern dominated Juve from minute 16 to minute 92 !!!

  22. Mr Lim dijo:

    are you kidding me? juventus is one of the weakest team of the last 8.

  23. Arvind S dijo:

    Awesome video and hilarious… Loved it… As for the game, Both are still in it, Imho…
    – German fan

  24. JuventusNorthAmerica dijo:

    still one game to play…

  25. TanarriDragon dijo:

    Ah.. Juve lost. Still good video though… And thumbs up for Bayern! — Juve fan

  26. miguel araujo dijo:

    at least they go to finals 😉

  27. person on the screen dijo:

    Vidal should have been booked in the first half and sent off in the second. Robben Schweini and Muller had some big chances we should have score more. I hope our defense can come through in Turin

  28. tom Lass dijo:

    bayern owned jewventus

  29. JuventusNorthAmerica dijo:

    guess what…later douchbag

  30. antonio granata dijo:

    Go to hell bayern we will meet again

  31. Ahmad Altibi dijo:

    Hhhhhhhh ….that's why we beat juvi tonight! Lol 🙂

  32. AdigaMannschaft dijo:

    Bang Bang….. we shoot you down Juvi!!! hahahaha

  33. Legend21 dijo:

    @Omar Alzoor 2 goals is not really rape considering Juve played like shit. Just wait till the home leg you will see.

  34. JuventusNorthAmerica dijo:

    it's spelled Toronto…learn english

  35. CyruzMol dijo:

    And what's more relevant,a match with the same teams or the match with the nation of the team??

  36. Alex Delpiero dijo:

    this is soo messed up, but forza juve anyway

  37. shevasd dijo:

    Hahaha hey guys its just a funny post, no reason to fight over a funny video. Good luck to all of you, respect to Bayern and FORZA JUVE

  38. JuventusNorthAmerica dijo:

    Wer hat gesagt, dass wir glauben, dass

  39. JuventusNorthAmerica dijo:

    ?? Milan is OUT already…

  40. MarwanKh11 dijo:


  41. Wani Lukak dijo:

    Bayern will annhilate Juve

  42. Fethi Wolf dijo:

    forza milano not juve

  43. Muhammed S. Abdel-Meged dijo:

    vediamo e questo >>> ( _i_ ) x te

  44. Devesh Belbase dijo:

    like there are German words for man united, juventus chelsea and munich

  45. Dániel Mikola dijo:


  46. Mohamed Hassan dijo:


    forza JUVEEEEEEE

  47. Ovic Ibrahim dijo:

    "we have schweinsteiger…his name sounds like a beer for pigs" lmao

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