ARTURO MELO | Bienvenido a Liverpool 2022 | Goles mágicos, pases y habilidades (HD)

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30 respuestas a ARTURO MELO | Bienvenido a Liverpool 2022 | Goles mágicos, pases y habilidades (HD)

  1. WorldOfFootballHD dijo:

    ARTHUR MELO! Liverpool are closing in on deal to sign Arthur Melo from Juventus, as per reports. Enjoy! – WOF

  2. Controverzial vfgfh dijo:

    He always doing back passes he will just slow the attack

  3. 10-20 dijo:

    Feel like this was a good gamble, sure he's not the "typical" Klopp player, but he has potential to be great for us, wishing for the best

  4. Azwar Rachman dijo:

    too long.. hold the ball, I hope he adapted quickly…
    Pass and move…

  5. Worldz_Gone_Crazy dijo:

    Wow another average holding player just what we needed🙄 it's not like we've got Fabinho, Thiago, Henderson, Miller, and Keita. Who needs top quality goalscoring no 10s anyway🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. Daniel Duffy dijo:

    His style of play definitely isn’t box to box

  7. Nahom Ayele dijo:

    Thiago Fab and Arthur cant wait to see the possession

  8. Muser187 dijo:

    the MOST FLOP signing of the premier league yet……………..

  9. Walk it, like i talk it. dijo:

    Another Kabak type loan by LFC.

  10. Chandler Betts dijo:

    Zero risk high reward signing. Very happy with it. Can provide quality cover for either Thiago or Fab is necessary and has a high ceiling. Great move for not really being backed enough on Jude yet.

  11. alfredo manero dijo:

    Cvs lookin fire 🔥

  12. Chico Banderas dijo:

    Everybody has written him off.. It's going to be funny watching this lad humble a LOT of people..

  13. Sam Wong dijo:

    His performance s good in Barc but nthg progress in Juv

  14. Georgia323 dijo:

    Not seeing anything outstanding here , he’s going to be under far more pressure in the premier league than shown in these clips . His time to think will be vastly shorter hence why keita looks crap in the premier league. Thiago adjusted and now loos the part let’s see if this lad can do the same

  15. ali hemed dijo:

    A good player not come on loan, liverpool look like an orphan team

  16. Sarphira327 dijo:

    The heading says magic goals, passing and skills. All i see is a lot of skill. NO magic goals or assists which we need. A whole lot of going down to the ground. Just another holding midfielder not an attacking one that Liverpool desperately needs.

  17. Karls Klangers dijo:

    Average jo ,but only a loan nothing to loose if hes crap just send him back ,,perfect

  18. eric yip dijo:

    Looks like a low budget version of Verratti. Nice!😆

  19. BillPeaches dijo:

    I've heard a lot of criticism about him, but I have a sneaky feeling this guy is going to ball for us. Missing piece to the puzzle type shit. We'll see 🤞🤞

  20. Hamoodiii dijo:

    Way too slow on the ball, kind of counterproductive of how Liverpool play. Oh well, hopefully Henderson, Keita, and Thiago get fit soon.

  21. Roastery1213 Love dijo:

    Luis Diaz is overly selfish and misses chances for certain goals. Please correct the style of the game

  22. Its me Joe dijo:

    liverpool still buying scraps item those being kick by other club for their terrible isnt it?i dont know what the fsg think..want profit but dont to ironin

  23. noitoi dijo:

    Technical skills are on high level, speed and pass accuracy need to be improved, I'm not impressed with him. I hope it will turn out well and I'm wrong.

  24. kristian dijo:

    Don't love his passing, but it looks like he can control play and pass forward instead of sideways and back like hendo does all the time.

    Looks good at breaking down play as well, not scared to get stuck in.

    Definitely seems like a a cdm.. Like a mascherano but with a bit more composure on the ball.

  25. NxT dijo:

    He’ll shut a lot of ignorant football fans up. He’s going to be elite for Liverpool.

  26. Samir G dijo:

    He looks resiliant, wins the ball, wins free kicks, very good skill and will certainly frustrate opponents, I really like what I've seen so far. Klopp and his colleagues certainly know their stuff 😉 Congrats on your move Melo and welcome to LFC!

  27. Ahmed Burcaawi dijo:

    At least he can hold the ball and don’t panic as some of our midfielders.

  28. Matheus Neri dijo:

    É um jogador que protege bem a bola, além de desafogar a pressão. Se fizer uma temporada boa, e sob as mãos do Klopp, ele pode até retornar pra seleção.

  29. Shady yackout dijo:

    He slows down the pace of the game and he is not offensive at all, not what i was hoping for! Hope he prove me wrong and help us out after all

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