El último partido de Cristiano Ronaldo para la Juve

El último partido oficial de Cristiano Ronaldo de la Juve contra el Udinese donde marcó la leyenda portuguesa pero fue cancelado por la polémica decisión del VAR

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20 respuestas a El último partido de Cristiano Ronaldo para la Juve

  1. the cat dijo:

    What a fantastic player

  2. Daniel dijo:

    Absolutely a spectacular player. The best ever. In every league he played in he has showen his greatness. Too bad he didn't have the chance in the Bundesliga and ligue 1. Maybe he will in the future.

  3. SonuSarkar dijo:

    We must accept it Ronaldo is the GEM of Football. The most DYNAMIC player of all time. No one can Replace his AURA . He will be missed like anything .

  4. 이정잉 dijo:

    매송중 2학년 1반 홍현준이 호날두 너무 느끼하게 생겼다네요.

  5. pedros88 c dijo:

    U fuori gioco da fissa da mamma c'era

  6. T.Z bianconero dijo:

    Annullare questo gol e uno scandalo questi fuorigioci devono essere rivisti rovina la bellezza delle partite che schifo e

  7. Kuro Truesdale dijo:

    he is destined to be part of maguire drama

  8. krilll0501 dijo:

    Clearly the var is corrupt… the assistant referee is the ones draw the lines for offside player and they decides whether its offside or not…not the machine itself

  9. Pollin dijo:

    Honestly imo he should’ve stayed in juve then to go to united in Italy at least it was secured for him to play ucl

  10. Priya Ajayan dijo:

    man utd doesn't know how to use him

  11. Nile's Photography dijo:

    Was that his daughter crying at the end?🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  12. Antonio 1987 dijo:

    Fuorigioco inventato era gol

  13. ben sher dijo:

    Fraud of a player

  14. Nippz dijo:

    var just ruins a beautiful sport

  15. Samet Özkan dijo:

    If CR7 comes back, Chiesa would wear 77 instead of 7.

  16. [DINO] ßoy uk dijo:

    Respect the goat playing one of the clubs/teams

  17. [DINO] ßoy uk dijo:


  18. Eima dijo:

    How tf was that offside? 😑

  19. BOBBY dijo:

    If Ronaldo joins Madrid again 0:00

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