¡Hola, la Juventus del mundo! Dusan Vlahovic se encuentra en Torino a punto de comenzar sus pruebas médicas el día de su cumpleaños. ¡Es un jugador de la Juventus!

Camisetas ALEMANIA Información de primera mano del primer equipo de fútbol del Barça. Noticias de Piqué, Ansu Fati, Pedri y todos tus jugadores favoritos.

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  1. R Russitano dijo:

    this reminds when i was 12 and got a new motorcycle…had to wait a few weeks to ride it….

  2. Massimo Dalla Pellegrina dijo:


  3. Mark 1 dijo:

    The question now turns on Ramsey. He refused 5 offers from Premier League teams. His contract with Juventus will expire in June 2023. So he has two seasons with us, doing nothing. I think that if he insists on staying at Juventus, then he should be made to work hard and be part of the team. Why is Juve paying this player for doing nothing?

  4. Alex B dijo:

    Grazie Beppe, Dushan brings excitment to this dull season for Juventini

  5. Lord Foxtrot dijo:

    Grande, Forza Juve!

  6. Adaiah dijo:

    This shows that Juve has the financial power to battle for players like Haaland

  7. Mohamed warsame dijo:

    Welcome Dusan Vlahovic

  8. Arbi Gharakhanian dijo:

    what a nice vintage jacket Beppe.forza Juve

  9. Bon dijo:

    Great signing Beppe 👌hopefully more to follow. Have to keep Dybala and De Ligt. If Morata to Barcelona doesn't happen .. hope both can play up front with Dybala behind in a 4312 formation..
    Best Wishes to Dusan and Happy Birthday to him. Forza Juve 👊

  10. Mark 1 dijo:

    Very happy for Juventus and Vllahovic. Whatever number he chooses, I'm fine with it. Imagine a midfield of Cuadrado, Locatelli, Mckennie, Artur and Bernardeschi with a forward duo of Morata and Vlahovic. Can't wait for Allegri to do his magic.

  11. Genís TGN dijo:


  12. Guéliz Ressources dijo:


  13. Nørmark 1980 dijo:

    Amazing!! Fino Alla Fine.. Best wishes from Denmark. 🇩🇰🤍🖤

  14. D Patt dijo:

    Forza JUVE

  15. Mr Dax dijo:

    7 will match him way better than 28

  16. Radovan dijo:

    We got him Beppe! Forza juve!!!!

  17. JUV dijo:

    welcome dusan

  18. Pasquale Russo dijo:

    Really happy. A step in the right direction. Forza Juve! ⚫⚪👉😎👈

  19. Golf Clash DZ dijo:

    Great news, Vlahovič is the killer that Juventus needs, He reminds me of the legend Gabriel Omar Batistuta, hopefully he will be like him

  20. Steve Kano dijo:

    Grande 👍

  21. Rico Franchi dijo:

    Forza Juve! What a day!

  22. Keith Jackson dijo:

    Over the moon. Would Like us to keep Morata so they can hopefully form a great striking partnership together.

    The start of a new era. He reminds me of a young CR7. Let’s hope in a few years time when CR7 has retired we will be calling Dusan the GOAT.

    Just got to make sure we don’t let De Ligt leave.

    Happy days

  23. Binayak Parajuli dijo:

    yesssssss beppe 👏👏👏👏👏

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