La directiva de la Juventus dimite del club

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27 respuestas a La directiva de la Juventus dimite del club

  1. Hec dijo:

    They all left in agreement for the good of the club and To commence a new start. Research before you speak.

  2. Vaughan dijo:

    Was more focused on that massive nipple on

  3. Nachtmuis dijo:

    Juventus is the reason why I think AC Milan is the best Italian club.

  4. Jay Flora dijo:

    Love the accountability by the board. Instead of sticking around and trying to make more money, they are honest and leave because they know they have let the team down.

  5. mrugod dijo:

    Most corrupt club in the WORLD, i'm not surprised.

  6. ThatGuy dijo:

    Money laundering or tax evasion?

  7. Knight OfWind dijo:

    back to Serie B, They resigned before the proof of them bribing referees to win the league title comes out

  8. wintrr dijo:

    why is Jack Whitehall on sky sports

  9. undercoverbrother67 dijo:

    Big news? I remember when they used to throw themselves out of windows.

  10. MP7 dijo:

    Juve mafia at it again, another scandal in the most dishonest club in history

  11. Kevin Pillay dijo:

    Once a crook always a crook. They should be sent to their Serie D. Shameful club

  12. Jordan dijo:

    I think FIFA should take away nedveds ballon d’or and award it to Henry because that was criminal in the first place

  13. si_clay dijo:

    did someone do an interview just like ronaldo for this to happen?

  14. StrawHatPele dijo:

    Respect. Made bad decision after bad decision for a while now

  15. GosumassB dijo:

    Mafia club

  16. Abdalla SA dijo:

    Must be something deeper than results.


  17. Michael Chai dijo:

    doesnt andrea agnelli's family own the club though?

  18. Joel Joseph dijo:

    It's mad how Allegri still stays

  19. Liam Feely dijo:

    All the pogba fans making jokes well he's barely played and in 5 months he's earned most people do in a lifetime

  20. Sticky Kitty dijo:

    Good Riddens

  21. Mimosa Vermillion dijo:

    Milan is the best team in Italy ❤🖤

  22. MrPicklerwoof dijo:

    Serie A stinks to high heaven. We only see a snapshot of some of the dodgy stuff that has gone on in that league over the years.

  23. Jetmir Metaliaj dijo:

    I m gonne tell Piers Morgan about this

  24. Hugo Ferreira dijo:

    There will be people saying that's Cristiano's fault.

  25. Joel F dijo:

    About time we need a clean out fresh start and to get back on top LET'S GO!!!

  26. Colin Barker dijo:

    No wonder Angeli was pushing for the Super League knowing that their finance were out of control and it was his fault

  27. A simple guy dijo:

    Bad news for football clubs, players and fans, who'll invest in them now?

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