RENUNCIAS DE LA JUNTA DE LA JUVENTUS 🤯 "No creo que Andrea Agnelli sea particularmente un gran hombre de negocios."

Simon Jordan reacciona a la noticia de que toda la directiva de la Juventus ha dimitido tras una investigación sobre los «ingresos por derechos de registro de jugadores» en el club de la Serie A. ¿Te gustó este video de YouTube? 😍 Suscríbete aquí: mira algunos de los contenidos MÁS POPULARES de talkSPORT 🔥 ⚽ ¡DEBATE CALIENTE! Simon Jordan y Graeme Souness SE ENFRENTAN por el trato de Erik ten Hag al jugador del Man United, Cristiano Ronaldo ⚽ Simon Jordan tiene su opinión sobre Gary Neville trabajando para BeIN Sports con sede en Qatar durante la Copa Mundial 2022 ⚽ Ben Foster dice que Edwin Van Der Sar haría un entrenamiento mínimo y todavía estar listo para jugar para el Manchester United ⚽ Simon Jordan ENTRA en Gary Neville por su comentario de Man Utd vs Liverpool ⚽ El intermediario de Rudiger, Saif Rubie, hace afirmaciones explosivas de Chelsea y choca con Simon Jordan ⚽ El ganador del Premio de la Academia, Gary Oldman, está desconcertado por Ryan Reynolds y La compra de Wrexham por parte de Rob McElhenney ⚽ ¡INCREÍBLE CLASH! ¡Ray Parlor y Robbie Lyle se CALENTAN por las afirmaciones de que AFTV quiere que el Arsenal PIERDA! ⚽ Ben Foster le dice a talkSPORT que la Premier League lo habría ‘demandado’ si hubiera grabado los partidos que jugó para Watford ⚽ Simon Jordan y Graeme Souness CHOCAN por el papel de Daniel Levy en Tottenham ⚽ Simon Jordan ENTRA contra Jurgen Klopp por llamar a Gabby Agbonlahor ⚽ Simon Jordan argumenta que el Manchester City gasta MUCHO MÁS que el Liverpool y otros clubes de la Premier League ⚽ Simon Jordan reacciona a la sugerencia del propietario del Chelsea, Todd Boehly, de un juego All-Star de la Premier League Norte vs Sur ⚽ ¿Erling Haaland del Manchester City es mejor que Harry Kane del Tottenham? ? ¡Graeme Souness de talkSPORT cree que podría serlo! ⚽ Simon Jordan no cree que Steven Gerrard tenga la capacidad de ser un entrenador en la Premier League 🖥️ Sitio web de talkSPORT: / 📲 Twitter de talkSPORT: 📷 Instagram de talkSPORT: 👤 Facebook de talkSPORT: 📱 Tik Tok de talkSPORT: 🔴 Descarga la aplicación de talkSPORT AQUÍ! – 🔎 ¿Quieres ver si apareces en nuestro canal de YouTube? Echa un vistazo a nuestra lista de reproducción de las mejores llamadas de talkSPORT: #juventus #Agnelli #talkSPORT #PremierLeague #ChampionsLeague #FACUP #SimonJordan #EuropaLeague #LauraWoods #AllyMcCoist #ManUtd #ManCity #Liverpoolfc #Arsenalfc #Chelseafc

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46 respuestas a RENUNCIAS DE LA JUNTA DE LA JUVENTUS 🤯 "No creo que Andrea Agnelli sea particularmente un gran hombre de negocios."

  1. Lucas Moreno dijo:

    Is Simon calling the owners of Fiat dumb?

  2. Jim West dijo:

    Vlahovic will likely be sold

  3. Brian Gibson dijo:

    how did juventus afford the money for dusan vlahovic when they can't even pay artur melo?

  4. luis juventino dijo:

    Do you really believe that other football clubs in Europe are not doing exactly the same as we speak Just to name a few, Manchester United, PSG. Give me a brake

  5. Derek Morris dijo:

    A club not being run very well? Talk about having expertise on a certain subject. Simon's on safe ground talking about this.

  6. Chris Cotonou dijo:

    His grandfather Gianni was an incredible businessman and he’s always been in his shadow

  7. Slapshot 007 dijo:

    Let's be honest,this isn't juventus first rodeo.

  8. C Bart23 dijo:

    Pavel Nedved criminal master mind!

  9. adam boow dijo:

    Souness will be asking that question soon.. "where was pogba during this"

  10. Chathuranga Fernando dijo:

    Paratici (currently tottenham DS) was also involved in this scandal. He left to avoid scrutiny. Warrant for arrests including Paratici will be issued next week.

  11. Jorge Gomez dijo:

    The real talent of Agnelli family has been since the second generation to hire real good businessman to manage their interests, whenever they don’t do that they’ve have been sorry

  12. J-Rock 007 dijo:

    Paratici departure for Spurs was strange too

  13. Killer Cushion dijo:

    Being a Yiddoe, all I'm worried about is Fabulous Fab Paratici.. COYS

  14. gpmacari dijo:

    AGNELLI did so much for the club for 12 years…… not and good business man…. They dont know wat there talking about…..

  15. Mobile Freelancer dijo:

    Souness will say this is pogbas fault!

  16. Michael-paul drew dijo:

    Back down to serie b then

  17. StephACM dijo:

    I agree with Simon but unfortunately it’s the pot calling the kettle black ahaha…

  18. Kman dijo:

    Remember when nedved won the ballon d’or over Henry – criminal decision

  19. psychobabble dijo:

    The Goodfellas are behind this

  20. Rez Laso dijo:

    🤣they knew theyve messed up, now that the clubs under investigation everyone decides to leave? Fishy business ay 🤷🏾‍♂️

  21. andy thoms dijo:

    220 million losses last season…. nah everything is fine here ….

  22. M.k.s dijo:

    How can you say that after what happend with palace, it’s ok running phone shop, different wen you run the biggest club in Italy,

  23. HowlBeast dijo:

    When they resign they’re guilty

  24. ThirdEye dijo:

    Been 100 Years thatJuventus have been highly criminal , corruptive and worst ! Saved by the highly power their owner have in Italy hands, media, political, administrative,sportive, economical, industrial, mediatically, even Mafia ones… people ignore or pretend to ignore…

  25. Thomas Power dijo:

    Was it just me, or did anyone else think the Melo/Pjanic swap deal was funky at the time🤔

  26. YNWA dijo:

    City cooked the books for over 10 years

  27. Robin Monchgesang dijo:

    Another club up for sale perhaps LOL

  28. John P dijo:

    They resigned cos their lawyers to.d them too. They had no choice

  29. effKay dijo:

    Like really who cares about Juventus

  30. egunje01 dijo:

    Failed club owner Simon should not be speaking about these issues.

  31. R. Riverdance dijo:

    When will they ever learn but more to point when will the italian FA learn never ever let Juve out of ya sight cos if you do they will cheat, fraud and hoodwink everyone before you turn ya head back

  32. Manu CR dijo:

    Ya Qataris and Saudis are great businessmen thanks to never ending oil money

  33. Leroy Banging dijo:

    Arsenal fans laughing at juventus

  34. Andrew McGill dijo:

    Should have oil blood money

  35. Christopher Macauley dijo:

    This club … lol

  36. Eric Osman dijo:

    For months many experts and supporters were saying Allegri was the root cause of their decline, even though businesses tend to fail from the top down. A lesson to all in life, You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time. Agnelli is a product of his culture, an Italian business culture which will never change. This may now set about a chain of events at other clubs such as Man U and Barcelona, who both have supporters that have disagreed with their respective onwership on how to run ther clubs.

  37. Rocky Balboap dijo:

    Im gona make them an offer they carnt refuse ???

  38. Freddie dijo:

    Everyone knows in Italy you have seven different sets of accounts depending on who you need to show them to. Old news.

  39. Sam Samboi dijo:

    Paul pobga looooool

  40. r v dijo:

    On the request of the Mafia……

  41. BIG RON dijo:

    The Romero transfer (from Juve to Atalanta) is one of the dodgiest transfers in football. There also off the book payments to Ronaldo. Juve have been under investigation for a while…looks like it will all hit the fan now. Guess that is why they were advocating the Super League 🤣

  42. Mark Larmz dijo:

    Simon = Top Lad Proper Clobber 👌 👏

  43. Tabasco Si dijo:

    Serie A and corruption!! 😳.. well that’s a turn up for the books!!

  44. Matthew Deniran dijo:

    The fat lady will be OK 😂😂😂😂

  45. Mia Mitten dijo:

    Juve at it again. Didn’t they get forced relegation back in 2005?!

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