Real Madrid vs Juventus (4-3 global) UCL2018 Cuartos de Final 1,2 Partido

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43 respuestas a Real Madrid vs Juventus (4-3 global) UCL2018 Cuartos de Final 1,2 Partido

  1. Oliver Trua dijo:

    Juventus had the better team that year but they had Ronaldo…

  2. LePable0007 dijo:


  3. Naya Chamas dijo:

    Bravo Ronaldo

  4. gaming clash dijo:

    this is no 4 3

  5. Protogonist dijo:

    Juventus was better than realmadrid playing wise. Real Madrid had better players in all position that's why they won

  6. Fayadh Devananta dijo:

    CR7 king of football😎👑

  7. Evans Kaci dijo:

    3:26 what a joke from the referee. Anyway, Juventus was a beast back in those days.

  8. Brandon Bread dijo:

    Peal Padrid

  9. Ahmad Reza Abbasi dijo:

    I wish Ronaldo was still in Real Madrid..

  10. Becker Trancer dijo:

    Referee – MAN OF THE MATCH, 100000%!!!!!!

  11. Rund um den Sv Niederwerth dijo:

    Juventus Turin vs Real Madrid 0-3 (1st Leg)
    0-1 Cristiano Ronaldo (3 min)
    0-2 Cristiano Ronaldo (64 min)
    0-3 Marcelo (72 min)

    Real Madrid vs Juventus Turin 1-3 (2nd Leg)
    0-1 Mario Mandžukić (2 min)
    0-2 Mario Mandžukić (37 min)
    0-3 Blaise Matuidi (60 min)
    1-3 Cristiano Ronaldo (90+7 min PK))


    Ronaldo was robbed in 2018😌😌

  13. Lee Naddaf dijo:

    personally i think that ronald carried all the way through the year. like the bloke was OP. i want to do so many special things for that guy like frick me!!!

  14. ALI RAFIQUE dijo:


  15. Serbian347 dijo:

    Ronaldo the engine of Real ! He should stay 'till retirement !

  16. Tsering Kunga dijo:

    King of Football CR7

  17. Brandon Bread dijo:

    Ronaldo scoring a penalty and taking his shirt off 😂😂

  18. Esther Chingoma- Chishya dijo:


  19. Ebube Jvy dijo:

    Zidane putting cassila’s on the bench after denying him goals against Spain in 2006 World Cup, though zidane later scored 😂

  20. Rafey Shaban dijo:

    Feeling sad for Buffon 🤣

  21. Maddison Callaghan dijo:

    Oh my gosh, Ronaldo’s bicycle kick was sick

  22. TinaSharma dijo:

    Ronaldo in his prime form🏆🏆

  23. yxngrx33 dijo:

    Ref – real Madrid = 🤝

  24. Isaac Jemac dijo:

    Cr7 is the goat

  25. Kaotic Phoenix dijo:

    I can get behind the pen, but why Buffon sent off???

  26. 𝐀𝐑𝐘𝐀𝐍 dijo:

    9:45 carvajal trying to do Ronaldo Chop😂🤌

  27. Vlad Dascalescu dijo:

    Stupid penalty, Jesus Christ… Yes, it was a penalty but red card for Buffon, shameful and viciating refereeing.

  28. Bexruz Mixliyev dijo:

    chindàn ham Ronaldoning kuni

  29. pro pro dijo:

    and then ronaldo ohhhhhhh what a good goal by cristiano ronaldo, yeah the best goal i would say ever, legendary.

  30. Yoza dijo:

    sorry i dont watch football. but why was this goal important? they still lost 3-1 right?

  31. Lola Fishbein dijo:

    if i were u i would support mcfc or fcb

  32. Ismail Junior dijo:

    Real Madrid Tahun 2022

  33. مُحَمَّد قنْطلْ dijo:

    Why Buffon red card?

  34. Mubtasim Tahmid dijo:

    Every time we need a goal Cristiano Ronaldo finds it.

    The greatest player in the history of Real Madrid.
    The finest goal scorer in the history of the Champions league.

    Cristiano is really an absolute goat in the history of the world football & he doesn't need your approval to be that.

    Believe that. Acknowledged.

  35. Junior dijo:

    Que gran robo 🤣

  36. JONY laxar dijo:

    But they are still winning

  37. Ham AlA dijo:

    a penal for PD in de first leg ruled out, and a no penal for RM been ruled in !! hmmmmmmm …

  38. sushantkainth284 dijo:

    4:30 some shaolin soccor going on

  39. Hamza ϟ dijo:

    I see if buffon didnot get red card it will have extra time

  40. Apolo Lovro dijo:

    i watched the first game live, irl, it was amazing watching cr7 so close to me and all of the juve players… but 2nd game broke my hearth….

  41. BELOKAN HIDUP dijo:

    The best come juve ever.. And the hero its mandzukic.. He is spartan.. Amazing..

  42. David Maradiaga dijo:

    Si no es por el penal. Se ban a tiempos extras

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