Cristiano Ronaldo Record With Juventus In Serie A 🇮🇹🐐 #ronaldo #football #shorts

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18 respuestas a Cristiano Ronaldo Record With Juventus In Serie A 🇮🇹🐐 #ronaldo #football #shorts

  1. FC Motivate dijo:

    Messi or Ronaldo ?! 🐐

  2. 79jennief dijo:

    i am Cristiano Ronaldo, biggest fan
    Cristiano Ronaldo is the goat for ever

  3. Muhammad Emraan dijo:

    How is he able to score so much goals

  4. Factcheck dijo:

    Also say . He has 30% penalties on that so he is penaldo

  5. Sahil Lohkna dijo:

    The most underrated version of any player in history – Juventus Cristiano Ronaldo

  6. emmanuel hernandez dijo:

    cristiano is a legend like everyone else such as ronaldo, ronaldinho, zidane, etc. but there is only one Greatest Of All Time Lionel Messi.

  7. Python dijo:

    Dybala left the chat💀

  8. Rishi Mk dijo:

    Crappy video

  9. Hamad Alriyami dijo:

    He is the goat 🇵🇹

  10. Yanul Sendinu dijo:


  11. Leorant King dijo:

    Me liking own coments 🍷

  12. Ahmed Shaikh dijo:

    In a season right?

  13. Jagger dijo:

    Scored some goals but he sank the team. He was never a good transfer for Juve.

  14. Remco dijo:

    Of course it's him. What a legend.


    Ur not first😂😂


    Me first pin mee Ronaldo siuuu❤😂

  17. maan meen dijo:

    Another thing he was there only for 3 years . His time there was underrated

  18. AaEditzx dijo:

    I’m first

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