Is Luis Suarez the best striker rn? 😳 #football

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50 respuestas a Is Luis Suarez the best striker rn? 😳 #football

  1. Benzigamer dijo:

    #9 r9 be like :😩😩

  2. Sriram Aditya dijo:

    Bs Lewandowski is better. He has the ability to stay at the top of Europe’s leagues, and he doesn’t need to go to a shit club to prove he can help them

  3. Vuyani Khumalo kaMhlakaza, Nozulu dijo:

    This guy will always be a threat to any defender, and not like a dog that only barks, he’s a dog that bites when it comes to scoring goals! Plus he can really bite…

  4. OddPod TV EDITZ™️ dijo:

    I hate Suarez

  5. Charismatic Adventurer dijo:

    The brasileiro is a very competitive league and I’m pretty sure it’s the 7th strongest, so it makes it even more impressive

  6. zhhzhzhz dijo:

    We need to see him and messi on loan at barca . Only then , will I be satisfied with life.

    Ps. Clear of lewandowski

  7. YSJ2TRILL dijo:

    God has a plan for my life Hallelujah

  8. Harsh Singh dijo:

    playing in better league than ronaldo 💀

  9. abdul hadi hosni dijo:

    true the goat

  10. Mohammed Faisal dijo:

    Best number 9 of the last 10 years for sure

  11. KenG Brissy dijo:

    And he hates Ghana and evra😂

  12. NotCooperBlox Playzz dijo:

    w SUAREZ

  13. OmarsNrl dijo:

    bros biting his age now..Insane what a player 🔥🇺🇾⚽️

  14. IDK dijo:

    Suarez is great but lewandoski is clear of him

  15. Shamim Khan dijo:

    Neymar has skills. Suarez has consistency, finishing and stamina. Truly Goated.

  16. Edy Eschbach dijo:

    If Suarez from Argentina, he won the Ballon D'or right now.

  17. Gigachad dijo:

    Grêmio was last crowned Brazilian champion in 1996. That wasn’t 42 year ago, it was 27.

  18. LeviTheBoss1155 dijo:

    Him and Lewa are the GOAT strikers of our era, it’s so hard to compare them

  19. Luiz Guilherme Wasthner de Lima Bastos dijo:

    Grêmio is not gonna win I promise.

  20. Aarush Malhotra dijo:

    Best striker of our generation for a reason 🤩🇺🇾

  21. Илия Макаров dijo:

    He should go to Inter Miami and play alongside Messi once again.

  22. Kgothatso Ntlhane dijo:

    Me constantlywaiting for someone to say Benzima just to laughat them

  23. jimmy leo belairy dijo:

    Suarez is hated because he is a legendary player who destroys teams and break rival fans hearts so they hate the man and prefer to highlight his weaknesses

  24. My_potato dijo:

    I'm not telling you that

  25. Kai dijo:

    Robert Levandoski is far better than him!

  26. Sayan Mukherjee dijo:

    He is the best of best striker of this generation

  27. Barthalamew dijo:

    If he didn’t bite people I would respect him

  28. Club Brothers dijo:

    Yo keep an eye out for this player his name is Simon Banza he has scored 10 goals and 3 assists in 11 matches

  29. Antony Berry dijo:

    Shit league

  30. Žiga MZ dijo:

    does anybody know if suarez is gonna be in ea fc 24 after he joins inter miami? i would really like to make MSN again

  31. Randy Marsh dijo:

    Ill never like him after what he did to Evra, but he is undoubtedly the best striker of his generation followed by Benzema, Lewa, Zlatan and Cavani

  32. Wisdom Kasonde dijo:

    For the generation of players above 30 now, I agree he has been thr best number nine.

  33. Toastie Bacon dijo:

    No, surprisingly the racist isn't the best striker


    He is 2nd or 3rd top assister , just behind Messi

  35. Kavya Kalash dijo:

    That's why He is called El Pistolero

  36. RedPool dijo:

    Yes pistolero is that good.

  37. vyadissesextremas dijo:

    To be fair, Botafogo just decided to suddenly be Arsenal

    Corinthians won 1-0 against Grêmio too

  38. ImportedGaming247 dijo:

    him and zlatan are pure class. nothing. compares

  39. John dijo:

    Nah u might be a world class player' , but your a cheat biteing people,🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  40. nimay13 dijo:

    Old fang has some bite into it.

  41. C P dijo:

    This man is a disgrace to football

  42. Zulo🇪🇨 dijo:

    And fifa still give 84

  43. Zulo🇪🇨 dijo:


  44. Shorts de futebol dijo:

    Cara ele é foda e o melhor jogador q joga na América do sul, mas ele n tem a melhor temporada comparada com alguns outros caras ou o ano todo.

  45. Stefano Amsterdam dijo:

    Luis!! our GOAT

  46. Beral Bhai dijo:

    Best striker of our generation indeed

  47. Ben Tucker dijo:

    There is an a good possibility that he is

  48. YassinXeditz dijo:

    Nah bro in there own backyard

  49. Ben S dijo:

    Behind Kane for me but he’s incredible.

  50. David Onwumere dijo:

    Bro Müller retired at the age 41

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