EA FC 24 | Career Mode | #75 | Coppa Italia Final v Juventus (Season Finale)

I swear I keep getting my seasons mixed up, this was actually our eighth year of the save not the seventh! Madness, what a journey it’s been, and we’re far from finished! Brand new season coming tomorrow morning. Much love guys! ❤️


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31 respuestas a EA FC 24 | Career Mode | #75 | Coppa Italia Final v Juventus (Season Finale)

  1. Brennan __ dijo:

    I saw you changed teams again I think it might be time for a whole new restart

  2. A Alex dijo:

    I would stay at Milan for one more season and try win champions leahue

  3. Henry Boyd dijo:

    If you do leave then You should sign duk. You brought long and cox to Milan so you need to give duk the spotlight

  4. Joshua Battista dijo:

    Congrats docksy

    If you haven't in this episode (I'm half way through) would be nice to see Luton's team 2 years after you left!

    Big love

  5. Nobert Eghe dijo:

    Please do newcastle pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeeee

  6. Vyshnav Sunil dijo:

    Next season with Milan where the priority is to win a UCL and cementing yourself amongst the Milan great managers

  7. Tristan Enever dijo:

    I wish I had a Long Cox

  8. Patrick Ceglarek dijo:

    Love the series have watched religiously since day 1. The storyline could be you had a falling out with the owners, and you could come back and manage inter to get some revenge

  9. kid dijo:

    Why do you call him Coxsmith

  10. Yaya Tourè dijo:

    Surely Alfonso will grow even more if you change him to a winger.

  11. PrinceLied dijo:

    Curious to see the job offers you'll get.

  12. Anonymous 365 dijo:

    Go to Tottenham plz it would be class to see the lilywhites finally go for some glory🤍love the series

  13. Bálint Simon dijo:

    Love the series Docksy ❤

  14. Ismaël Ouattara dijo:

    Mate congrats 🎉 you completed the treble. To be franc the Champions League was lost in the first leg.

  15. Fresh dijo:

    Others have said it. If you give a player or two a $1 release clause you’ll get sacked. Then if you’re a 5 star team you will have offers from 3.5-4.5 star teams. If you take off make sure to achieve some objectives to get the rating up if you want to go to another giant club. I think it’s usually 8-9 games into a season you will start to see offers.

  16. tiberiu nancu dijo:

    Try to get sacked, with the release clause glitch, 1£ for any player. There will be job offers 👍

  17. Sir Lele 18 dijo:

    🇿🇦 Tshabalala

  18. Henry Boyd dijo:

    Go to Barca 💙❤️

  19. Kublai's Korner dijo:

    Take care of yourself man thank you for the vids ❤

  20. Owen Macdonald dijo:

    Well done on winning the double with Milan Docks! It might be too late (maybe it's already recorded etc) but I hope you reconsider moving to a new club and take Milan to a Champions League title. Leao-Cox-Long ought to have the chance to become as acclaimed as Messi-Suarez-Neymar as legendary frontlines with a European title…

  21. Jacob Buckles dijo:

    Go back to Luton if I was u pal

  22. Gangster61 dijo:

    Leave Milan docks

  23. Bassam Aleshamly dijo:

    I would love for you to maybe go ahead and coach the big teams like Barcelona or Real Madrid or maybe even coach a National team

  24. Edo-okaeben John dijo:

    You really are underated

  25. Tejus Jose dijo:

    coach a national team

  26. Llewelyn Hammersley dijo:

    Move back to england or go for a real madrid or barca job

  27. Elling Austad dijo:

    You have to give it one more season. Such a dominant team needs to win the CL to cement their status amongst the greats.

  28. Busisa Ntlombe dijo:

    Tshabalalaaaaaa!!! 😅😅

  29. Kris Powell 🇬🇧 dijo:

    Are you going to watch the England game on Monday?🤔

  30. liam44961 dijo:

    Great save

  31. SeDottore dijo:

    Give Docksy boy an Oscar

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