England Didn't Really Lose

England Didn’t Really Lose
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It didn’t come home. England were denied their perfect ending by Italy, losing on penalties at Wembley on Sunday. But their tournament was still a success, with Gareth Southgate and his players winning precious hearts and minds and restoring a country’s faith in their football team.

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  1. Vanja Kereković - Responder

    The biggest problem for England and the English is that they have no humility and think they are better than every other team. In 2018 they thought they would easily win against Croatia and thought they were already in the Final before the match…It was the same this year against Italy, "it came home" before the kick-off. And then when they lost, their "fans" turned their back on them and racially assaulted them, which is digusting. Show humility, ease up on your expectations, give respect to others and fight for what you think you deserve, because the world won't give it to you.

    And p.s. please stop saying "it's coming home", it's terribly annoying. Maybe if you'd stop, it would really come home 🙂

  2. Adam - Responder

    Main achievements of Ingerland on euro2020:
    -captain wore rainbow band
    -kneeling before every game
    -the most annoying and barbarous fans, as always
    -lost penalties, as always

  3. Russimme - Responder

    Embarrassing 😳🤣🤣🤣

    You just shown to the entire world how you act, how you react to lose and how sportsmanlike you are

  4. Danger Noodle - Responder

    This video deserves the ratio bruh you lost for all the wrong reasons
    Instead of pushing the game to its potential best athletic performance you hamstrung it for political gain

  5. Nathan Vijay - Responder

    Y'all in the comment section are pretty disgusting. Italy did win , nobody is taking that from them. But what the England team did in this tournament, is healing their nation.

  6. Stefano Spernanzoni - Responder

    in Italy we say "se non la vinci, la appatti" "if you don't win it, you equalize". We say this to those who, when they have lost, find a thousand excuses to say that in a certain sense they have also won eheh

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