FAN CAM: England 1-1 Italy (Italy Win 3-2 on Penalties) Goals From Shaw and Bonucci: Euro 2020 Final


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* Chris Cowlin visits Wembley Stadium to watch the England v Italy game in the Euro 2020 final
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  1. James Redmond - Responder

    Incredible. What a load of rubbish. No penalty takers in the team bar Kane and Maguire.
    Southgate does not know how to make substitutions and cannot select the best team from a good squad. And it seems he is tactically inept. A missed opportunity to seal a victory which is still long overdue.

  2. mikezappa - Responder

    Chris I feel for you. I'm a big Spurs fan, season ticket holder, but I am half Italian too. Pleased that Italy won but gutted for Harry Kane, he must think he is cursed

  3. Colin Turner - Responder

    I thought we were to negative in our set up apart from the first 20 minutes when we dominated Italy were in control for most part the way we play doesn’t suit kane at all he has to drop deep just to get a touch although he was our most creative player again you can’t blame the young players for missing penalties but we will learn from this and our group of young players will get better and I believe we have a chance in the World Cup next year

  4. Mike Chase - Responder

    Its the morning after – I feel your hurt Chris, I think most of us are as gutted as you mate. The only thing for me is that we have the makings of a great World Cup run next year.

  5. Ojay Ferojay - Responder

    Sorry chris! What can I say but Southgate is too blame for being so negative with all the attacking players at his disposal. Yes did they defend for their lives, did it work yes but lost on penalties. Could have been much more comfortable for England if he was more positive. It is such a shame too have all these talented attacking options and not use them properly. I’m very disappointed and found it very hard too sleep after that disappointment. Hope for future games we will play more attacking football. I would have rather watched us play attacking and enjoyable football and lose, at least we would shown that we deserved too win or lose. I don’t blame the boys who missed the pens it’s pot luck on the day. One more last thing that ref was absolutely dreadful disgusting!

  6. Beeker Bos - Responder

    Another great video Chris, thank you for giving those who couldn’t be there an idea of the pre-match atmosphere around Wembley; top man.

  7. Dawid M - Responder

    I am pleased that the Italians won. The English did not deserve to win, especially with their arrogant behaviour and whistling of the rivals' anthem. Maybe this will teach them humility and respect for others

  8. Alexx - Responder

    Thanks for posting this. It's a game. Life goes on. I wish you and your family all the best and a happy life. Hello from Italy.

  9. Linda Watson - Responder

    I was gutted to find that those Italians had won, in my eyes they played dirty with the way they treated our lads during the match. & as for that ref i think he must of been blind to see what was going on with those Italians, i mean come on i could see with my own eyes what was going on. I think Italy should be disqualified from winning that match. & no i'm not sorry if this offends those that are half Italian

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